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Yoga Asanas practise them to get the optimum benefits


The yoga asanas leave a balmy effect on the mind and the body. Regular practice of the asanas will fortify the body against attacks of ailments. The mind will be free from clutters and you’ll be able to concentrate better than before in your day-to-day activities.

There are many asanas. All of them require utmost dedication on the part of the practitioner. And, as dedication comes with practice, one will have to regularly practice them to get the optimum benefits. Patience, will power, concentration and above mind control will work wonders as you daily do the asanas. We will dwell on the following 56 yoga asanas.

  1. Padmasana;
  2. Ardha Padmasana;
  3. Baddha Padmasana;
  4. Paschimotanasana;
  5. Trilokasana;
  6. Bhujangasana;
  7. Ardha Shalabhasana;
  8. Shalabhasana;
  9. Dhanurasana;
  10. Ardha Halasana;
  11. Halasana;
  12. Sarvangasana;
  13. Savasana;
  14. Sukhasana;
  15. Chakrasana (Standing);
  16. Utkatasana;
  17. Talasana;
  18. Padahastasana;
  19. Vrikshasana
  20. Akarshana Dhanurasana;
  21. Bhadrasana;
  22. Baddha Konasana;
  23. Ardha Matsyendrasana;
  24. Ushtrasana;
  25. Vajrasana;
  26. Supta Vajrasana;
  27. Mandukasana;
  28. Aswini Mudra;
  29. Yoga Mudra;
  30. Gomukhasana;
  31. Janusirasana;
  32. Sasankasana
  33. Matsyasana;
  34. Chakrasana (Supine);
  35. Pavanamuktasana;
  36. Janu Vakshana;
  37. Makaranasa;
  38. The erect posture;
  39. Sitting upright;
  40. Standing upright;
  41. Walking upright;
  42. Viparita Karani;
  43. Parvatasana;
  44. Oordhwa Pada Hastasana;
  45. Jnana Mudra;
  46. Naukasana;
  47. Jalandhara Bandha;
  48. Moola Bandha;
  49. Siddhasana;
  50. Brumadhya Drishti;
  51. Kapala Bhati;
  52. Sirshasana;
  53. Uddiyana Bandha;
  54. Finger Lock; and
  55. Nauli.
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