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Natural Baby Skincare Tips

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Baby Skincare Tips

Baby Skincare Tips: There’s no doubt that science does offer important treatments for babies, such as medicines and inoculations. However, there are other areas where parents are looking for natural alternatives, particularly for eczema and nappy rash.

There are now many different alternatives to baby skincare products. It’s worth pointing out, however, that if your baby has been prescribed specific skincare products, you should get advice from your baby’s pediatrician or GP before using these treatments. I’m not here to offer medical advice, but these are some ways that parents have dealt with their child’s skin conditions.

It probably goes without saying, but a baby’s skin can be incredibly sensitive. If you are trying out any treatments, always watch for reactions very closely, and apply a tiny amount of any treatment to the skin first.


Eczema is also known as dermatitis and is a condition that can affect people throughout their lives. The skin goes red and dry, leading to discomfort and cracking. This irritation is particularly miserable for a baby, and can often cause extended periods without sleep.

When treating eczema, it’s as much about what your baby shouldn’t come in contact with as it is about applying treatments. Lukewarm baths are less likely to dry out your baby’s skin than warmer baths. Dust is also an irritant to the skin, so try to keep your environment as dust free as possible. Also, try to keep your your little one’s fingernails as short as possible. Scratching will cause further flare ups.

When it comes to eczema treatments for babies, Aloe Vera makes a good, natural moisturiser. However, some people use an oatmeal bath, which is ground oats that are turned to powder, stirred into a lukewarm bath. Let your baby soak for about 15 minutes, and this is believed to ease the discomfort while helping to repair the skin.

Nappy Rash

Perhaps one of the most common ailments for babies, nappy rash can be incredibly sore even if you’re using brands like Pampers disposables or real nappies like Bumgenius. No matter how quickly you change your baby, they can still be susceptible to rashes. This is because nappy rash isn’t always a direct result of leaving the nappy on too long. The rash comes from a reaction to acids in the baby’s waste, while the heat in the nappy is a breeding ground for bacteria.

Some people have been known to apply egg to nappy rash, to soothe and reduce the swelling. Other treatments include applying lard, which is also believe to be an old way of dealing with the rash. Perhaps slightly more pleasant is the application of camomile. Apparently, by putting camomile tea bags in your baby’s bathwater, the antioxidants and antihistamines work to ease the rash.

While these natural treatments may help, please do speak to a medical professional if these conditions occur first.

Catherine blogs about her experiences raising her two small girls. Hope you love reading “Natural Baby Skincare Tips”. Share your view in the comment section below.

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