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Everyday Meditation for Life Lived to the Fullest

by Yoga Positions
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Everyday Meditation for Life

Everyday Meditation for Life: A 10 minute dose of meditation a day is enough to make you feel happier and peaceful, and if you are thinking of mediation as that moment when you shut your eye and cross your legs, well then you are in for a surprise. Meditation is more than assuming this position; closing your eyes and focusing your n mind into something. It is a practice that you can do while you are wide awake and doing the everyday things you do in your life. Here are some tips on how you can incorporate meditation in simple day to day activities such as eating, walking and working.

1. Mindful Eating

Ever caught in that moment where you ask yourself why are you eating this much? Have you ever asked yourself why you chose to eat this food? And have you even taken a moment to appreciate your food and savor its taste? If your answer is no, then you might consider mindful eating. Mindful eating is a practice that allows you to keep in check of your cravings while boosting your gratitude. Practie this by doing the following:

  • Before picking your food up, take some deep breathes so your mind and body can settle.
  • Look at the food, try to think about where its from, the ingredient it’s made and the environment from which it was grown.
  • Be thankful for the fact that you have food on your plate, this moment appreciation develops a sense of gratitude and meaningfulness as well.
  • Take note of the food’s color, texture and temperature. Once you eat it be mindful of its taste and aroma.
  • Take note of how your mind responds to the food, do you like the taste, is it too sweet or too spicy, do you find yourself comparing the food to previous meals.
  • Keep your eating pace steady.
  • Take some few deep breaths before you finish the meal. Take note of what the plate loked like before you began eating and how it looks like after your meal. Focusing on your food decreases the chance of overeating or consuming food that doesn’t give proper nourishment.

2. Mindful Walking

We have the tendency to fixate or space out when we walk. Everyday things we see can remind us of something we desire. Experiencing a traffic jam can let us think of the country home we have left behind or gave up, the next thing that follows is a sense of regret for the choices that led to your current situation. This makes us move away experiencing life and living it to the fullest. Take time to appreciate the things that you see when you walk, especially the small, simple things.

3. Mindful Sleeping

Sleeping may not sound as simple and relaxing as it is, or at least for some Often times it is in our sleep that we are bothered by most of our thoughts. When the mind experiences this, it could take some time for it to chill out. Most people try to shut these thoughts down but the more they are shut down the more they become insistent. Divert your attention by reading or focusing your attention to other meaningful things; do not force yourself to sleep as this would only create additional tension.

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Amanda, the guest author writes on meditation and biological human condition. She is a freelance writer and she likes to write on health and medicine. She occasionally writes for this blog, Hope you love reading “Everyday Meditation for Life Lived to the Fullest”. Share your view in the comment section below.

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