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7 Ways To Feel OK On Monday Mornings

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Ways To Feel OK On Monday

Ways To Feel OK On Monday: Head mark your Sundays for a religious leisurely walk in the lovely park which is just across your street, unplug your phone, turn off the internet and take out your camera. Stroll slowly like a tourist and shoot every little thing that moves in the park whilst your dirty laundry gets its weekly treatment and finally, you can return to a lovely warm mid-noon meal that is waiting on the table.

Make sure you write all your Monday morning resolutions as below on a little post around Friday night and place it at strategic locations such as the mirror over your bathroom sink, your home PC, on the TV remote, and fridge top

  • I will not get up later than 6am, so that I can leave for work at 8am sharp
  • I will not brush my teeth in my car while I wait for the lights to turn green
  • I will not grab the slice of toast from my plate whilst I run to the door
  • I will not wear mismatched socks
  • I will not kick the cat because she is sleeping atop my best pair of socks

Make sure your mobile phone has one smart recorded message for everything and any eventuality, carries a notepad, blue tooth, has a directory, GPS, weather forecast for a week ahead, FM music, and let’s not forget provision for birthday alarms and missed deadlines. Most importantly on Sunday night please put that wonder phone on a charger.

Make sure your office diary leaves a zero-hour slot at the top hour of your planner that will not be usurped even if there is going to be a surprise visit from Inland Revenue. Have at least one team meeting each month which includes an eat-in lunch with steaming cups of coffee and a rigid rule no one will talk shop for 20 minutes, no will look at their mobile phones and internet for the period.

Make sure you clock in and out at the hour you are paid for, have your lunch on time and away from your work desk, clock in your diary things you can delegate, and spread things you cannot under headings such as Urgent, Important and can’t be bothered and a clean desk.

Make sure you spend quality time with your family and take your wife and children for that Sunday morning walk, click many pictures of them on your camera and store them on your home PC for them to see and enjoy. Meet your friends, their families, and dogs for a monthly picnic spread out over that special patch in the park which is just across your street. Religiously accompany your wife at the movies even if it makes you snore 10 minutes after start time, have greasy burgers over lousy football matches with your firstborn, and laugh over the same stale party jokes at your children’s birthday do’s.

If you have been doing points 1-6 as above for the last 20 years or so, and still haven’t resolved your Manic Mondays you need to consider taking a meditation course which will help you to feel a lot happier and even Mondays might become your friends.

This article 7 Ways To Feel OK On Monday Morning is written by Sharmila Dikbas a yogini and a content developer for Sahaja Yoga blog.

Hope you love reading “7 Ways To Feel OK On Monday Mornings”. Share your view in the comment section below.

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