Yoga Asanas

Yoga Asanas practise them to get the optimum benefits

The yoga asanas leave a balmy effect on the mind and the body. Regular practice of the asanas will fortify the body against...

Nauli Yoga stomach exercises pose and benefits

The Nauli yoga is performed as you are in the final Uddiyana posture. Methodology During this stage your chest will be expanded to its optimum level...

Yoga Finger lock

The yoga finger lock position is utilized for several of the yogic postures. It is important that one knows the appropriate and accurate means...

Women and Yoga

Women Are Better Off Without The Presence Of Unwanted Fats

Women Are Better Off Without the Presence of Unwanted Fats Unwanted fats are among the leading problems of most women today. Getting rid of unwanted...

Tackling women disorders Yogic Asanas to correct menstrual cycle disorders

Menstrual cycle disorders and its critical stage. Menstrual cycle disorders are not ailments but symptoms of other diseases. Mentionably, menstruation is a natural stage that...

Postnatal (Recovery Stage) Asanas Yoga after childbirth

Mentionably, the initial three months after childbirth are crucial period for the nursing mother. These months must be devoted to recovery. The most important...

Prenatal Asanas (Up to the 4th month of Pregnancy)

Prenatal Asanas Up to the fourth month of pregnancy, you can practice those asanas that relax and tone up the muscles that help the childbirth...

Influences of yoga on women for a healthy lifestyle

Here will discuss on the influences of yoga on women is divided into the following three sub-sections, namely Prenatal Exercises Postnatal Exercises Tackling disorders The most important relationship...

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