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Moola Bandha Yoga poses and benefits

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The meaning Moola Bandha of the Sanskrit term ‘Moola’ is ‘root/cause/source’. It also refers to the ‘anal region’. The meaning of ‘bandha’ is ‘a lock’.

Therefore, ‘Moola Bandh’ means ‘Anal lock’ or anal contraction.

Moola Bandha yoga

Methodology of Moola Bandh

  • Assume the Siddhasana posture.
  • Sit erect.
  • Press your perineum with the heel.
  • Look straight ahead.
  • Take a deep breath.
  • Slowly exhale.
  • As your abdomen contracts, close the anal opening.
  • Then you must strongly (but not violently) contract the external and the internal sphincter muscles.
  • Simultaneously you will have to continuously draw upwards those muscles.
  • Intensify the contraction process.
  • Hold the contraction for 10 seconds.
  • As you complete the contraction, lift the anal sphincter muscles.
  • Slowly inhale and gradually relax the sphincter muscles.
  • Do this bandha five times in the initial stages.
  • Increase by one turn every week to increase the turns to 10 times and get the maximum benefits from this bandha.
  • Between the contractions relax for five seconds.


  • Rectum prolapse is prevented.
  • Prostatic hypertrophy, fistula, piles and allied ailments are prevented.
  • If you are suffering from these diseases, their severity is reduced.
  • Urogenital disorders are also cured.
  • The pelvic region enjoys augmented blood supply.
  • This bandha is beneficial for the pelvic muscles besides the prostate gland, the perineal body and the gonads.

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