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Brumadhya Drishti Yoga move the eyeballs upwards

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Brumadhya Drishti Yoga
Brumadhya Drishti Yoga: Siddhasana is also referred to as the frontal gaze. In Sanskrit ‘Bru’ means ‘eyebrow’; ‘Madhya’ points to the central position; and ‘Drishti’ connotes gaze. In other words, ‘Brumadhya’ refers to the point halfway between the two eyebrows.

Methodology of Brumadhya Drishti Yoga

In Brumadhya Drishti yoga, the practitioner will have to move the eyeballs upwards. The eyeballs will have to converge centrally at a particular point. That point is between the eyebrows just above the root of the nose. That is the point where the olfactory nerves are located. Your mind must also be concentrated on this point behind and between the eyebrows.

The Technique of Brumadhya Drishti Yoga

  • Open wide your eyes.
  • Look in front and at a particular point.
  • Look up at the highest point.
  • But don’t move the head.
  • Focus the eyes on the imaginary central spot between and behind the eyebrows.
  • Breathe normally.
  • Stay put in that position for about three seconds without straining your eyes.
  • Gradually lower the eyes.

Important Point

  • If you feel any tension or pain in the eyes, immediately pause.
  • Close your eyes and cover them with your palms.
  • Relax the eye muscles.

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