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Sukhasana Yoga Asanas benefits and poses

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Sukhasana means the ‘Comfortable posture’. This is the easiest of all asanas. You can even commence a yogic asana session by sitting in this ‘Sukha’ or pleasant position. It is actually a cross-legged sitting position where you are comfortable. Your body remains at ease and in a static posture in this asana.

Methodology of Sukhasana Yoga

  • Sit down on the floor over your exercise mat.
  • Keep the back erect.
  • Loosely stretch out the legs in front of you.
  • Fold the left leg.
  • Draw in the foot towards the body.
  • Raise the left knee.
  • Slide the left foot under the right thigh.
  • Tilt up the left sole.
  • The left sole should be touching the back of the right thigh beside its knee.
  • Do the same with the right leg.
  • Similarly draw in the right foot towards your body.
  • Raise the left knee.
  • Slide the right foot under the left calf.
  • Tilt up the right sole.
  • Ensure that the edge of the right foot supports the left shin.
  • At this juncture, the legs would be loosely crossed at the ankles.
  • Now, you can also adjust the position of the legs with the hands.
  • Assume the position that is most comfortable to you.
  • Rest your hands on the knees.
  • Keep your back, head and neck erect during this posture.
  • You can stay put in this position as long as you wish.
  • While concluding the first session of this asana, first slowly stretch in front the right leg.
  • Then, stretch in front the left leg.
  • Both the legs should be lying in front of you in a parallel position next to each other.
  • After that you can repeat the asana interchanging the positions of the right and the left legs.

Sukhasana Yoga

Advantages of Sukhasana Yoga

Whenever you wish to sit down on the floor you can assume this asana. It relaxes the body and the mind.
You can also do the breathing exercise (mentioned in detail in the section on Padmasana) as well as the concentration strategy.
Your entire body and mind will be relaxed.

Sukhasana Yoga Video

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