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Taking Care Of A Stroke Patient – How To Handle Them Properly

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Taking Care Of A Stroke Patient

Taking Care Of A Stroke Patient: Do you have a family member who just suffered from a stroke? I’m sure these patients wouldn’t want to stay in the hospital for a long time. They want to go home. And of course, it is not recommended that you hire a private nurse unless you are able. It is still best that you know how to properly take care of a stroke patient even without the supervision of nursing aides.

Here are some tips which you could use.

Have a strict diet. Usually, the dietician and nutritionist will give you a list of what your patient should eat. Base your everyday meals on that.

Follow the doctor’s instructions. It is a must that you follow the directions of the doctor. They should know the best for the patient. Make sure that you take note of the time when they need to take their medicines. Bring them to the doctor or therapist on the scheduled appointment.

Learn how to communicate well. Stroke patients usually have a hard time communicating. The key is to focus. Focus on what they are saying. Don’t do other things when they are trying to tell you something. Their eyes and hand gestures might help you figure out what they are trying to relay.

Don’t do everything for them. I know that you want to give the best care. But doing everything for them might not help the patients. If they drop something, let them pick it up and just assist them as necessary. By doing so, you are helping the patient flex their muscles. His recovery will be faster than usual if you let him do things normal people do.

Provide things according to their capacity. They have special needs. For example, instead of giving them a regular plate, you can give them a pie plate that has thicker sides. At least he could use the sides to scoop the food. Larger spoons and forks are good too. Or you may install a hand railing in your bathroom.

Go out once in a while. I’m sure your patient would love to go out once in a while. If you want, you can visit the local park to catch some air. You may also watch free concerts. It is not good for them to stay at home all the time. They, too, need a diversion.

If you have first-hand experience of caring for a stroke patient, I would ask you to give your tips. I’m sure it will help a lot of people.

Barbara Watson experienced taking care of a stroke patient. She is aware that it’s not an easy task at first. She shares her tips in order to help families that have stroke patients. Sometimes, she gives articles to a website which you can also find viamedic expert interviews.

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