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Chakrasana (supine) yoga for strengthening the pelvis and abdominal muscles

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Chakrasana Supine: This form of Chakrasana is in the supine position. It is also known as the ‘Wheel posture’. In Sanskrit ‘Chakra’ means ‘wheel’.  The backwards arched body of the yoga practitioner in Chakrasana appear like the wheel rim.

Methodology of Chakrasana Supine

Lie down flat on your back.
The feet must be kept sufficiently apart.
Stretch the arms on the sides.
The palms will have to turn downwards.
Fold the legs.
Draw backwards the feet.
Your heels should be touching the corresponding buttocks.
The soles must be kept flat on the ground.
Now bring backwards your hands.
Place the hands beside the head.
The palms and the fingers will have to be rested flat on the floor but in the reverse direction.
Ensure that the palms and the fingers are beneath the corresponding shoulders.
The heels and the palms must in the same line.
Inhale deeply but slowly.
Press down the feet and the hands.
Simultaneously lift up your abdomen, shoulders, trunk, hips and thighs.
Arch the back followed by the neck.
Firmly rest your crown on the ground.
Exhale and inhale five times while remaining in this position.
After inhaling deeply for the sixth time, hold on to your breath.
Press down the hands and feet on the floor.
You should support the body weight on your feet and hands.
As you thus support the body, simultaneously but slowly lift up your head, shoulders, trunk, abdomen, hips and thighs to the optimum level.
Bend backwards the entire body up to the level your arched spine allows.
Keep your shoulders straight.
Your head should then drop between your shoulders.
Stay in this position holding on to your breath for about 10 seconds.
As you gradually exhale, slowly lower down the body to the ground.
When the body finally rests on the floor, resume the commencing position.

Chakrasana supine help

Advantages of Chakrasana Supine

Chakrasana (supine) strengthens the pelvis and abdominal muscles.
This asana is also beneficial for the feet, ankles, knees, thighs, backside, spine, fingers, wrists, arms, and the neck.
In fact, all these portions of the body get stretched and adequately exercised simultaneously.

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pepsharada 27/06/2011 - 5:23 am

When we practice this i gained full control on the backbone. Dhanurasana and Charkasana both have given me the solution of flexibility for my back bone. thank u for posting


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