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Love Your Body, Mind And Soul – Yoga

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Love Your Body Mind And Soul

Love Your Body Mind And Soul: According to government studies we must all get at least one hour of exercise every day which should leave you panting or out of breath. Over the past few years, most people have become self-confessed gym bunnies enjoying their trip to the gym every week, some visiting multiple times a week. However, it has been proven that most people are overworking their bodies by visiting the gym for long periods of time. Studies conducted by the NHS have shown that one hour to one hour and a half is the ideal length for a work-out, and will not cause any strenuous injuries or muscle damage.

One form of exercise that is highly praised and recommended is Yoga. Now the media brand Yoga as the latest celeb trend however Yoga has a deep history dating back almost 2000 years.

Traditionally practiced by Buddhist monks as a form of meditation, Yoga has hardly changed in over 2000 years. To this day it is still practised in many cultures and religions as a form of meditation and spiritual relaxation. Although scriptures were written for the spiritual values of Yoga most Yoga practitioners focus on breathing, strength building and pure exercise rather than the spiritual rituals.

Favored by many celebrities, Yoga has become popular over the years as it is a less strenuous form of exercise. Its calming effects have been preferred rather than the sweat and physical endurance needed for the typical gym workout.

Yoga is good for many number of things, to start with it benefits the mind. And Yoga is not only good for the mind but also our emotional state and mental health. With its calming and soothing effects, Yoga allows us to move stress from our minds into our bodies, allowing us to use the moment-to-moment technique in dealing with stress.

>In terms of your body Yoga can improve a lot of things. At the very least it will strengthen muscles and hence give you a more defined and toned look. It also improves flexibility in joints and muscles whilst improving stamina and is a great cardiovascular workout, giving you a great body and a healthy heart. Yoga can also burn off fat and calories quicker than a workout at the gym.

This quick and efficient workout can be perfect for anyone with a hectic work schedule and is perfect relaxation. It gives people time to relax, meditate and release stress. Perfect for men and women this ancient art will give you a chance to indulge in your senses and love your body for an hour or two.

This article was written by Geraldine Morgan about the positivity of Yoga. Hope you love reading “Love Your Body Mind And Soul”. Share your view in the comment section below.

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