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Free Versus Paid Diet Plans

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Having the right diet plan is absolutely essential for affective weight loss. A good slimming diet is balanced and able to provide your body with healthy nutrients while also creating the calories deficiency necessary to make your body reach out for the deposits accumulated over the years.

Weight loss happens when you take in fewer calories than you burn, but however simple this may sound, choosing the right diet plan to follow is not easy at all. We are all different, there are no two dieters who have exactly the same level of activity, physical condition or metabolism, and the choice is made even more difficult as there is a new dieting trend born every day – and all of these diets promise spectacular and durable effects.

Let’s face it dieting is one of the most popular topics in this country because so many are over weight and also because there are literally hundreds of different diet plans coming out each each every month. Most people jump from one diet to another trying the latest and greatest and most of the time never keeping any weight off on a permanent basis.

When there are so many choices in diets it’s often difficult to make a choice, and to select a program that serves your individual needs. From low carb to low cal to low fat, it becomes just a big pile of confusion for most.

One important and often critical aspect you can consider when choosing your diet plan can be money, so, in what follows, we will present the advantages and disadvantages of free diet plans as opposed to paid diets.

Paid Diet Plans

Paid diet plans are usually custom-made to meet your personal requirements. These diet plans are compiled for you by a nutritional specialist after the careful evaluation of your requirements and your physical condition, so you can be sure these diets will allow you to lose weight in a healthy way and at the right pace.

Another benefit of paid diet plans is that your progress is monitored and your achievements are evaluated on a regular basis. This way, your diet can be adjusted to meet your actual condition any time, and meeting your dietician regularly will help you keep up your motivation as well.
Some paid diet plans require you to consume certain dieting products like shakes or cereal bars produced by a certain manufacturer. If you choose one of these plans, you have to be prepared to pay for these products as well, but they are really efficient, so you can be sure your money will not be wasted.

Some of the most popular paid diets are Weight Watchers, Nutri System, Jenny Craig, E-Diets and the Zone Diet plan.

Free Diet Plans

There are numerous free diet plans available over the internet and in fitness magazines. Some of these plans come with detailed descriptions of the meals, while others contain only the types of food you are allowed to eat.

Some free diet plans are really efficient, but a major disadvantage of these plans is that you are all alone while dieting, and lacking professional help in moments of distress and discouragement can easily ruin your efforts. If you choose a free diet plan to follow, it is recommended to choose a popular one that has many followers because, this way, you stand a higher chance to find an online community or a forum with people struggling with the same issues and you can get help from these people to keep up your motivation.

It’s Your Choice

Whatever diet plan you choose, the most important factor of successful weight loss is perseverance. The best diet is the one that you can actually stick to: no paid diet plan will bring about the desired results if you do not follow it rigorously and any free diet plan can be successful if you are disciplined enough.

Debbie Hill is a personal trainer that works with many people to help them lose weight and stay fit.

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