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Bid Farewell To All Your Hair-Related Woes!

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Our modern world is such that every role we play in the professional or personal front is greatly affected by our outer appearances. It not only fulfils the purpose of giving out a good impression about ourselves to others, but also builds our own inner self confidence. We at KarishmaTM Laser & Cosmetic Clinic situated at Pune help you achieve just this. Our excellent beauty treatment regimes starting from Trichologist or Hair loss Treatment to Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery help you in achieving the look that you have always dreamed of.

Hair loss pattern

The pattern of hair loss is different in men and women and it is this difference that brings about the need for different Trichologist or Hair loss Treatment as well. The hair loss pattern in men is generally U-shaped whereas in women, thinning and hair loss occurs starting from the top of the frontal region. In women, the rate of hair loss is usually slower and is generally affected by age.

What causes hair loss?

In general, enzymes are responsible for hair loss in both men and women. These enzymes are triggered due to various environmental, physiological, psychological stresses or hormonal changes. They turn Testosterone hormones like Androgen in men and Oestrogen in women into a hormone derivative DHT. These DHTs then adhere themselves with hair follicles and cause these hair follicles to decrease in size continually. This rapid shrinkage of follicles gives rise to baldness known as Androgenetic Alopecia in men, and Female Pattern Thinning in women. In women, this may be caused by stress or hormonal changes after a hysterectomy, childbirth or intake of oral contraceptives.

How can it be treated?

The first step involved in hair loss treatment is to inhibit reach of DHTs to the hair follicles. This is achieved by the administration of prescription drugs like Propecia (5-alpha reductase inhibitor) which prevent further DTH formation. Another hair loss treatment used is Minoxidil which is a complex formulation of MPGs, AAs and other products which boost up hair growth in the scalp. This chemical works by increasing blood supply to the areas of application which in turn brings additional nutrients to hair follicles, allowing them to grow and nullify the effects of DTH. Similarly, Finasteride is another alternative that is available in oral application form.

Other forms of treatment like laser, chemical and natural, are also prescribed by our trained and qualified doctors that will guarantee you with fuller and denser hair growth on your head.

Complete hair care 

Our Trichologist or Hair loss Treatment does not end at just administering the necessary drugs. Post treatment care and regular check-ups are equally important. We offer our patients completely flexible but regular timings to fix their appointments and check-ups. Our dedicated and trained personnel are also available and willing to assist you over the phone or online in case you miss an appointment. All in all, we at KarishmaTM Laser & Cosmetic Clinic at Pune ensure that you are hundred percent satisfied with our treatment and actually get your results as promised by us.

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