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Natural Ways To Remove Tan

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Natural Ways To Remove Tan

Natural Ways To Remove Tan: Many of us like to look nicely bronzed on special occasions but what happens when you’re done with your tan and you want to remove it? Here are some tips that will allow you to remove the tan easily and effectively by yourself.

Lemon Is Your Friend

Lemon is the major ingredient you’ll in this effort, however you might need to mix it with many other things depending on what you prefer. Try out lemon and potato mash if you don’t mind having potato stuck to your skin. To make this mixture, just grind a potato to a fine paste and then mix it with lemon. Then apply it to your arms, face and neck, allowing it to stay there for 30-40 minutes before removing it with some cold water. Repeat this twice every week to get a gradual result that will finally become permanent. You can also use the lemon on its own by rubbing it on your skin about an hour before having a bath.

Exfoilate Your Skin

Another mixture that looks like you’re preparing a meal but is actually a very effective means of eliminating tan is to add yogurt, gram flour and lemon juice together. Mix thoroughly until it becomes consistent and apply additional flour. Before applying this mixture on your skin it is advisable for you to do some exfoliating first, to remove the tough skin layer and expose the softer layer behind. Once you’re done with exfoliating you can then apply the mixture and allow it to remain there for around 20 minutes. After that, you can then rinse your skin with warm water. Do both the exfoliating and application about three times during the day and continue through the next day until you achieve you natural colour.

Tips For Your Face

Your face is the most important part of your body you must take care off when trying to remove your tan. The best mixture to help you remove tan from your face should contain plain yogurt, oatmeal, milk and almonds. Once you’re done with the mixing allow it to for sit for about 20 minutes before you start applying it on your face. Let it stay there for about 30 minutes then wash it off with warm water. Repeat this process twice a week. Another very popular, cheap, natural and effective way to get rid of tan is to make use of unboiled milk. This is one of the solutions that are effective no matter the kind of skin type that you have. Just pour some unboiled milk in a bowl, dip clean cotton into it and use it to rub your body. Allow it to stay there for at most 15 minutes before removing it with either cold or warm water. You’ll need to rub on some moisturises to eliminate skin dryness if you don’t have naturaly oily skin.

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