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Ardha Padmasana Yoga Asanas Poses Steps and Benefits

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Ardha Padmasana yoga : The Ardha Padmasana is also known as the ‘Half-lotus Posture’. It is also known as the ‘hero’ Posture or ‘Virasana’.
ardha padmasana yoga
The Nomenclature

The Sanskrit words ‘Ardha’ connotes half, Padma’ means ‘Lotus’ and ‘asana’ points to ‘Posture’. The Half Lotus Posture is ideal for those persons who are unable to perform the full Padmasana using both the legs due to cramps or age, can begin with the Ardha Padmasana. Continued practice of Ardha Padmasana will help them to perform Padmasana with ease.

Methodology of Ardha Padmasana yoga

There are two stages of Ardha Padmasana. The first stage is as follows:

  • First, sit comfortable in Sukhasana.
  • Then, stretch out your legs.
  • Next, put the right foot firmly at the innermost point of your right thigh.
  • Keep your sole turned upwards
  • Ensure that both your knees are touching the ground.
  • After that, place your palms on both the knees.
  • Finally, try making your posture erect.

Now commences the second stage of Ardha Padmasana.

  • Keeping the heels apart stretch the legs in front.
  • You will have to slightly fold the right leg.
  • With your right hand hold the right ankle.
  • Simultaneously, use the left hand to hold the right toe.
  • Bend the right knee towards the ground.
  • Try to slowly raise your right foot towards the body.
  • Turn inwards your right sole and place it at the innermost corner of your left thigh.
  • But, maintain the extended posture of your left leg.
  • Use the heel to slightly press the left side of your abdomen.
  • The rear portion of your right foot must rest on the left thigh.
  • Gently press down the bent right knee to touch the ground with it.
  • Now slightly fold the left leg.
  • Use the right hand to hold the left toe and the use the left hand to hold the left ankle.
  • Bend the left knee towards the ground.
  • Gradually slide the outer corner of your foot and gently draw it towards the right calf.
  • Raise the right thigh.
  • Put the left foot below the right thigh.
  • The sole must be turned upwards.
  • However, ensure that the rear portion of the left foot lies straight on the ground.
  • Your left knee must also touch the floor.
  • Place your right palm and the left palm on the right and left knees respectively.
  • The fingers must lies close to each other.
  • Look straight ahead.
  • Your spine and neck and head must be relaxed and straight.
  • Stay put in this posture till you feel uncomfortable.
  • Gradually return to the starting Sukhasana position.
  • And repeat the above action using the other leg.

Advantages of Ardha Padmasana yoga

The advantages are the same as what you get from Padmasana. But, the advantages are to a limited extent.


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