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Sirsasana Yoga pose benefits or the headstand yoga

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Sirsasana Yoga
Sirsasana Yoga: Sirshasana refers to that yogic posture where the practitioner stands on his/her head. The Sanskrit term, ‘Sirsa’, means ‘head’.

Methodology of Sirsasana Yoga

  • The first thing to take care of prior to adopting the Sirsasana Yoga posture is the blanket or cloth you would be using.
  • Fold the cloth/blanket several times so that it can serve as a pad or cushion for your head.
  • Take a position in front of the pad and kneel down in the space.
  • Only your knees and toes should be touching the floor.
  • Now sit back between the knees.
  • Stoop forward.
  • Raise your haunches from the heels.
  • Bend the arms.
  • Place your hands, forearms and elbows on either sides of the head – all of which would be on the floor.
  • Make a firm fingerlock and fit it around the back position of your head which is already on the pad.
  • Your palms must facing inwards.
  • Bring the elbows in towards each other.
  • Make a convenient angle of the elbows and the forearms in front of your face.
  • Bend perpendicularly and downwards your head.
  • Place the hind part of your crown on the pad.
  • Your interlocked fingers should be pressing the back portion of your head.
  • Slowly raise your legs, lower trunk, hips, and knees.
  • Straighten the legs.
  • Bring the feet together.
  • Gradually drag your feet towards the face.
  • Balance the feet on the toes.
  • Your knees must be lying close to your chest.
  • Press the head, forearms, elbows and toes on the floor.
  • Give a gentle kick and simultaneously lift your feet together from the floor.
  • Keep the thighs upright.
  • Ensure that the trunk is perpendicular and the legs horizontal to the ground.
  • Maintain the body balance as you keep the feet together.
  • You will have to fold the legs back on the thighs.
  • Fold the legs back on the thighs.
  • Raise the folded thighs and legs and bring the thighs parallel to the ground.
  • Straighten the back and the thighs.
  • The thighs must be in line with the trunk.
  • At this juncture the legs must be kept folded at the thighs.
  • Open out your legs.
  • Stretch the legs vertically upwards.
  • Maintain your balance and bring the legs together to stay put for five seconds in this final Sirsasana Yoga position.
  • Slowly reverse the positions and resume the starting position.
  • Lie down in Svasana.
  • Relax your muscles.

Advantages of Sirsasana Yoga

Sensitivity of the sense organs is increased.

Sirsasana Yoga is advantageous for the different systems like the endocrine, excretory, digestive, respiratory and circulatory. This asana also stimulates the pituitary and pineal glands in your brain.

The brain activity process is activated and in the process body metabolism is also speeded up.

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