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Vrikshasana yoga benefits steps and precautions

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Vrikshasana yoga: The practitioner of Vrikshasana has to stand upright like a tree. The Sanskrit term ‘Vriksha’ means ‘tree’ and the word ‘asana’ refers to the yogic posture.

Methodology of Vrikshasana Yoga Asanas

  • Stand upright.
  • The feet will have to be kept together.
  • The knees will also have to be straight.
  • Keep the arms on the sides.
  • Without bending the left knee pick up the right foot.
  • Grasp with your tight hand the right hand.
  • Fold the right leg at the knee joint.
  • Now press the right sole at the inside portion of the left thigh.
  • The right toe should be pointing downwards.
  • Keep the folded leg at right angle to the upright leg.
  • Both the thighs must be in alignment.
  • Balance your body only on the left leg.
  • Join the palms and bring them to the middle of your chest. Keep the fingers pointing upwards.
  • Without moving the hands slowly lift them overhead.
  • The arms must be bent slightly.
  • Stand straight and erect.
  • Look straight ahead and remain relaxed.
  • Maintain your balance.
  • Remain in this position for about 10 seconds.
  • Slowly lower the hands to the middle portion of the chest.
  • While returning to the starting position, lower the right leg.
  • Repeat the sequence with the left leg as well.

Vrikshasana Yoga poses

Advantages of Vrikshasana Yoga

  • You will gain neuromuscular coordination.
  • Rheumatic pain and numbness of the legs will be cured.
  • This asana strengthens the feet ligaments, tendons and the arches.
  • Vrikshasana tones up your leg muscles.
  • The pelvis is loosened.
  • Regular practice of Vrikshasana makes the ankles, knees and the legs flexible.

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