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Yoga Principles & Yogic Cure for ailments

by Yoga Positions
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This appendix will equip you with the ideas about Yogic principles; the diseases that women suffer; the glands and above all about the diseases that generally afflict our bodies. You’ll also find the symptoms and the causes of the different diseases. Most importantly, you’ll also know about the yogic postures that can cure or even keep in check those diseases.

The appendix is divided into three sub-sections. Altogether there are 27 sub-sections. The four main sections of the appendix are:

(A) Yogic Basic Principles;
(B) Women & Yoga; &
(C) Know the Ailments to Control Them

The 27 sub-sections within the four main chapters are as follows:

(A) Yogic Basic Principles

(i) Yoga hygiene
(ii) Yoga diet
(iii) Fasting
(iv) Yoga therapy
(v) The glands

(B) Women & Yoga

(vi) Prenatal Exercises
(vii) Postnatal Exercises &
(viii) Tackling Women Disorders

(C) Know about the Ailments to control them

(ix) Common ailments
(x) Cold
(xi) Obesity
(xii) Overweight
(xiii) Indigestion or Dyspepsia
(xiv) Flatulence
(xv) Piles
(xvi) Angina Pectoris
(xvii) Bronchitis
(xviii) Sciatica
(xix) Hernia
(xx) Varicose Veins
(xxi) Arthritis
(xxii) Backache
(xxiii) Heart diseases
(xxiv) Diabetes Mellitus
(xxv) Blood Pressure
(xxvi) Asthma &

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