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Nasagra Drishti Yoga gazing of both the eyes only on the nose tip


Nasagra Drishti Yoga: In Sanskrit, ‘Nasagra’ refers to the nose tip while ‘drishti’ means gaze.

Nasagra Drishti Yoga

The Technique of Nasagra Drishti Yoga

To perform Nasagra Drishti yoga, you will have to first lower the eyelids, then fix the gaze of both the eyes only on the nose tip. There must be the same balance. However, you should not be feeling any tension. The eyes should be almost closed and just a slit of light should enter the bottom of the eyes. The point is to remain in this position as long as you are comfortable. Ensure that there is no strain on the eyes. Finally, open the eyes and relax.

Note of caution

One should practice both the dristis under the stern attention of a guru. Incorrect practice of these dristis can lead to squinting eyes.

Advantages of Nasagra Drishti Yoga

  • Both the drishtis strengthen the eye muscles.
  • Normal vision is preserved.
  • Eye sight is maintained till old age.

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