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Siddhasana yoga pose and benefits

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Siddhasana yoga is known as the posture of an enlightened personality. In Sanskrit ‘Siddha’ refers to a person who is spiritually enlightened. This is one of the classic meditative postures. It is generally practised for its spiritual values.

Siddhasana Yoga

Advantages of Siddhasana yoga

  • Assume this position while doing pranayama or/and even while meditating.
  • This posture is ideal for physical and mental relaxation.
  • Siddhasana is suited for all the breathing yogic exercises.

Methodology of Siddhasana yoga

  • Take the Sukhasana position.
  • Sit erect.
  • You will have to stretch out your legs.
  • Place the left heel against your perineum.
  • Keep the right heel above the root of the generative organ.
  • The toes must be inserted between the opposite calves and thighs.
  • Your knees must be touching the floor.
  • Keep erect your spine, neck and head.

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