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How to Stop Thumb Sucking

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Thumb sucking is a habit done by babies since they were still inside their mother’s womb. It is common for babies to suck their thumb, but it usually stops after six months. Sometimes, it is the usual way of the babies to comfort themselves when they feel hungry, sleepy and bored. On the other hand, there are some cases that even if they have reached the toddler stage, they are still sucking their thumb. Sometimes, parents don’t pay much attention to this because they don’t know how to stop thumb sucking.

What is the effect of thumb sucking?

Although thumb sucking comforts them when they are distressed, it might result to some adverse effects if not stopped. One effect of this is damaging the upper palate. Because of the pressure when thumb sucking, the palate may move inwardly. This is termed as malocclusion, which is the improper alignment of the teeth. As the child grows older and does not stop thumb sucking, he/she may be subjected to orthodontic treatment. Another effect is having speech problems on pronouncing Ds and Ts, lisping and thrusting the tongue out when talking. If the parents don’t know how to stop thumb sucking, these effects will negatively affect their child.

How to stop thumb sucking?

The doctor may ask if your child has been sucking his or her thumb and he may suggest that getting his or her attention will surely help your child to stop thumb sucking. But what if you are always away and your child is with his or her nanny who is also doing household chores? This would not really help your child to overcome this bad habit. A new breakthrough is having a thumb guard kit. This is an optimistic and fun way to help your child give up thumb sucking.

This thumb guard is one way that can help your child to stop thumb sucking. It is comfortable because it has an adjustable wristband, which allows the full movement of the hand and it also has 2 sizes suitable to kids up to 8 years old. It is also washable, so you wouldn’t worry about the bacteria that might go into the mouth of your child. It comes in various colors that your child will surely love. This will definitely keep your kid’s attention away from thumb sucking.

How to stop thumb sucking is usually based on the person who wants to prevent his or her child from doing this bad habit. The thumb guard can be a big help because this is a positive method which is non-aggressive. You should spend some time with your child and have a lot of patience. Stopping thumb sucking through a positive way will have a positive outcome as well. You can go online and search the internet to know other positive ways that can help you prevent your child from thumb sucking. All you have to do is to be patient and once you find the right technique, make sure to use it well in order to get its maximum benefits.

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