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Janu Sirasana Benefits its Variations and Steps

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In English, Janu Sirasana refers to the ‘head-to-knee’ posture. The Sanskrit terms ‘Janu’ and ‘Siras’ refer to the ‘knee’ and ‘head’ respectively.

The nomenclature arises from the fact that in this posture the yoga practitioner will have to rest the head on the knee.

Janu Sirasana

Methodology of Janu Sirasana

  • Assume the Sukhasana posture.
  • Stretch forward the legs.
  • Spread the legs.
  • Keep the heels roughly 20 inches apart.
  • Bend outward the right knee.
  • Slide the outer edge of the right foot along the ground.
  • Draw the right foot towards the left thigh.
  • The hands will have to press the right sole against the inside portion of the left thigh.
  • The upper portion of your right heel will have to press the perineal (extreme inside portion of the groin) space.
  • The bent right knee must rest on the ground.
  • You must keep erect the head and trunk.
  • Inhale.
  • Raise the hands overhead.
  • Keep your palms facing outwards.
  • Completely exhale.
  • The knees should be kept stiff.
  • Take a deep breath and exhale.
  • Draw in the abdomen.
  • Bend forward and downward your head and trunk from the waist onward.
  • Your head and trunk must be bent against the left thigh.
  • Keep your head between the upper arms.
  • During this action, you should extend your forearms.
  • The fingers should be extending towards the extended left foot.
  • Clasp firmly with the interlaced fingers of both the hands the ball of your left foot.
  • Once again slowly inhale deeply.
  • Hold on to the breath for about five seconds.
  • Slowly exhale.
  • Even as you exhale, press against the floor the knee of your extended left leg.
  • Bend outward the elbows.
  • Gradually bend further downward your head and knee.
  • Pull forward the trunk so that you may be able to rest your forehead on the left knee-joint.
  • Slowly lower the elbows onto the ground.
  • At this moment the entire lower portions of the extended leg and the extended knee should be touching the floor.
  • Stay put in this position so long as you can hold on to your breath or till you start feeling some strain on the lower portion of your extended leg.
  • Again inhale slowly but deeply.
  • Return to the starting position.
  • Repeat the movements with the right leg.

Advantages of Janu Sirasana

  • Your sciatic nerve will get strengthened.
  • Janusirasana has beneficial effects on the solar plexus as well.

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