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Sasangasana Yoga Asanas benefits | Sasangasana Steps

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Sasankasana means the ‘Hare posture’. The meaning of the Sanskrit term ‘Sasanka’ is a rabbit or hare.

Sasankasana Asanas

Methodology of Sasankasana Yoga

  • Assume the Vajrasana posture.
  • Your posterior will have to rest between the inner edges of the heels.
  • Keep the knees and thighs close together.
  • The soles will remain upturned.
  • Slowly inhale deeply.
  • During inhalation, lift up your arms overhead.
  • Keep the hands straight and stiff.
  • The palms will be turned outwards.
  • Lean back to the optimum level even as the inside portion of your upper arms touch the ears.
  • Hold on to your breath.
  • Gradually exhale.
  • Keep the inside portion of your upper arms touching the ears.
  • In this position, gradually bend forward from your posterior bones the entire trunk and the pelvis.
  • Don’t get up from your seat.
  • Now bring down your arms and head till your palms touch the ground.
  • Slide forward to the maximum limit your hands along the floor.
  • Rest your forehead on the floor in front of the knees.
  • The palms must be kept together.
  • Your thighs should be pressing the abdomen at this juncture.
  • Hold out the breath.
  • Remain in this position for about 10 seconds or till you start feeling uncomfortable.
  • Slowly inhale deeply.
  • Gradually return to the starting position.
  • The inside portions of the upper arms must be touching the ears.
  • Don’t get up from your seat.

Sasankasana Yoga

Advantages of Sasankasana Asanas

  • The abdominal organs and muscles are strengthened.
  • The digestive power is also boosted.
  • Your ankles, insteps and knees will also get energized.
  • The face and brain will get augmented flow of blood.
  • Slipped disc will be relieved.
  • The sacral spinal region and the shoulder girdle are also exercised.
  • The spine gets good traction.
  • Spinal problems are relieved.
  • Stooping shoulders are set aright.
  • The upper back, shoulders and arms are adequately stretched.

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