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Yoga Therapy

by Yoga Positions
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Yoga therapy is only way to forever remain young, fit and happy!

Yoga is basically a tool to keep the body fit and prepare the mind for uplift of the spiritual aspect.

The fact is that yoga therapy was never intended as a means to check ailments. It works as a strengthening tool for the entire mind and body. Let’s see how it functions:

Our body is like any other machine and needs overhauling and also rest. The best instance would be that of a car. Over stretching or overheating or even over-cooling of the machine will naturally enough lead to its breakdown.

The primary difference is that while the car needs external forces to keep it running in smooth condition, we have the power (the mind including the will-power and our determination) and the paraphernalia (yoga therapy and other exercise procedures) to constantly tune up our body.

Yoga is the ultimate tool that encompasses the therapy to refurbish both the power and the paraphernalia.

Another basic difference between the car and our selves is that many parts of the former need replacements (partial or total) after a certain fixed time gestation during which these parts are constantly used. However, yoga therapy provides the means to keep the different parts of our minds and bodies in perfect condition (without any replacements).

But, the fact remains that more often than not we do not pay adequate attention to many of these critically important portions of our body. We keep them functioning since the time we take shape within our mothers’ wombs to the day we bid farewell to the world. But, we rarely initiate the deliberate steps to strengthen them or give them the much needed rest. Only when the different functioning parts including the brain (mind), each of the internal organs, the external manifestations called limbs and the joints are exercised. The sad aspect is that we either overstretch them or keep them idle; in other words we take them for granted. In the process, they get either overstrained or become ‘rusted’!

And, that’s precisely the time we get afflicted by various ailments. Yoga therapy is the means to give rest to this machine constituted by the body (the machine and the outward element) and the mind (akin to the battery and the fuel injection paraphernalia in a car). Yoga therapy exercises even those organs located in the most internal portion within our body and those limbs located in areas we cannot usually reach.

Other Significant Aspects

  • Yogic exercises are primarily preventive.
  • It is only secondarily curative.
  • No particular ailment can be cured alone by the yogic therapy.
  • Yoga is not the panacea of all ailments.
  • Yoga therapy is a therapeutic process.
  • Yoga therapy is not a substitute for medication; but it is a vital adjunct to the surgical procedures, psychotherapy and medication.
  • The effectiveness of yoga on a particular person’s constitution will depend on the regularity with which that person performs the therapy processes. Besides, a lot will also depend on whether the person has been doing those exercises accurately or not.
  • Yoga works nondescriptly on the mind. Simultaneously, our bodies also respond fast to the yogic techniques.
  • Actually, mind control exercises combined with Pranayama (controlled breathing exercises) is a vital tool to acclimatize our bodies and minds with the surrounding crass world.
  • Yoga helps us to open up our right side of the brain which again helps in easy resolution of the problems that generally make us nervous.
  • Yoga tones up the body right from the toe to the head. Thus, it prevents many minor diseases from attacking the body. Moreover, yoga therapy acts as a deterrent from many of these ailments getting worse.
  • Yoga therapy also includes the deliberate temporary blocking of certain automatic activities of our internal organs. This activates those important organ appendages within the physical chassis.
  • Yoga therapy, in many instances, causes the symptoms to subside. So, the possibilities of relapsing are minimized or totally eliminated.
  • Remember that in severe cases, the results may not be immediately forthcoming or yoga alone may not help.
  • In such cases, experts’ advices are mandatory. For certain conditions, yoga is forbidden. (Caution notes are given along with the respective yogic asanas.)
  • Certain yogic exercises are ideal during the recuperation stage.
  • Always choose the ideal yogic exercises according to your age and ability.
  • Weak persons should do only the simple yogic exercises.
  • The most important thing to remember is that you should practice yoga regularly.
  • There is no precise yogic exercise for the effective treatment of a particular ailment.
  • Yogic results accrue accumulatively.
  • Yogic exercises should be analyzed on the whole. It is only when the different short-listed yogic exercises are combined and practiced regularly that one can be assured of the benefits.

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