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What Exactly is Yoga and How Does Yoga Help?

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What Exactly is Yoga

Yoga: Achieve mental & physical sanity

When the world is at peace with itself, you arise to rejuvenate yourself!

If you are seeking for a guaranteed proven means to attain a healthy body in a healthy mind, then YOGA is for you! Yoga is an authentic time-tested system to attain peace of mind and physical wellbeing. Yoga has been intensively researched and molded into a composite system by the Indian sages down the ages. Yoga can be practiced by anybody at any age to gain discipline – be it spiritual, mental, or physical.

A glimpse into the yogic world

What Exactly is Yoga?

Yoga is the panacea for innumerable diseases. Yoga can also provide mental stability. Yoga can further fortify your body.

Yoga Philosophy

Yoga unites the Individual Self (Jiva) with the Universal Self (Brahman). In fact, the Jiva is just a microcosmic reflection of the Brahman.

The term ‘Yoga’ has its roots in Sanskrit. It means ‘union’. Therefore, yoga helps an individual to achieve the ultimate goal of human life. In fact, all our activities are targeted toward the realization of this supreme mission.

How Does Yoga Help?

Yoga is the spiritual path through which one will have to tread to reach one’s destination. And, to reach that goal, obviously one will have to dedicatedly follow the road signs. Here, the three indicators are hygienic lifestyle, ethical regulation, and moral self-control.

Their combined effect is fascinating, to say the least! A person who has observed all these regulations will also have sure control over his mind. That, in turn, will reinforce his spiritual faculty. Once his mind and spirit are in harmony, his physical body will also be within their purview.

And with time, the yoga practitioner will witness a radical and positive transformation within his mindset. This would definitely get reflected in his changed lifestyle.

The end result: Positive outlook, mental poise, and total harmony (physiologically).

The Basis of Yoga

Yoga has two firm bases. They are physical and spiritual. On the physical plane are the asanas, Kriyas, Bandhas and Pranayams besides the four Mudras. Proper practice of these exercises prepares the body and simultaneously conditions the mind of the yoga practitioner to seek spiritual progress. The spiritual revelation is self-realization and mind control. A Yoga guru (teacher) will be the living embodiment of these faculties.

Here is a ready reckoner and a step-by-step guide to more than 30 asanas (exercises). There are also three Kriyas, Bandhas and Pranayams besides four Mudras.

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