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How Yoga And Physiotherapy Can Help With Sports

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When it comes to physiotherapy and yoga, people can easily get a lot of benefits from them especially if they know how to combine them. Basically, yoga will offer them the balance, flexibility and strength they need in order to perform complicated physical routines, whilst at the same time making sure they’re not going to damage their bodies in any way. However, yoga needs to be taught to them by a chartered physiotherapist who will help in reducing or eliminating the pain of certain injuries.

In general, the poses and postures of yoga will help in those activities which require a very precise state of mind or great physical activity. To name some of these sports, they are soccer, rugby, tennis, basketball, running, golf and pool.

Benefits: Yoga increases muscle flexibility

The stretches people can perform when going to yoga classes will vary from the deep ones to the gentle stretches and they all work into the connective tissue which eventually releases lactic acid. This is responsible for the stiffness and pain in the joints and muscles. However, when people continue their yoga classes, their body will become more relaxed, increase its flexibility, whilst also impacting the breathing cycles which will become more rhythmic.

Improving stamina with the use of Pranayama

Pranayama is actually a name for a breathing technique used in yoga. When practicing sports, people need to use their breathing as much as possible (to its full extent) and practicing yoga will help them with this. When performed correctly, this technique will detoxify the lymph fluid and thus speed up the time needed for recovery. On top of that, it is also responsible for increasing your overall energy as it helps with your determination and power.

Yoga improves mental focus

When performing different activities, people need to be focused and have a clear mind so they can achieve their goals. Individuals who can do this will see that they can achieve their goals much faster and easier than those who don’t.

Yoga increases body awareness

This is one of the most important aspects of the practice, because yoga is basically the combination of breathing and movement. So basically, when people come in certain postures, they will use their breathing techniques so certain adjustments will be made which will make the posture more challenging or more comfortable. Hence it is vital that people listen to their bodies. While practicing some sports, some people will become physically unbalanced, and what yoga does in this regard is to help them recover that balance.

Yoga helps in injury prevention and rehabilitation

Last but not least, when muscles become rigid, injuries will occur. This is why other muscles will try compensating and become overused. In this regard, yoga helps with rebalancing the muscles and that is why it’s the best way to rehabilitate and prevent sports related injuries. With that being said, physiotherapy combined with yoga will help you to lead a healthier life and ensure you also stay in good health

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