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Yoga For Children – How It Is Useful

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Yoga For Children

Yoga For Children: Yoga can be as fun as a game for children. This ancient discipline teaches youngsters to find the balance between body and mind.

Yoga is a psycho-physical discipline with which they reach high welfare conditions for the body and mind. Yoga postures are inspired by the elements of nature, according to experts. Animals, plants, shapes, allowing the practice who get in tune with your body and also reflecting with energetic manifestations remember that these positions.

  • Children, more ductile recepetivos and adults, receive many benefits through yoga: musculature, in general, and a backbone, in particular, stronger, correct posture deviations and reducing back pain, an elevation in the immune and mood more serene and equlibrado.
  • The secret is in the breath. The child learns to breathe properly and deeply, his nose, not your mouth open, his belly, and not just in the chest. This same technique improves the functioning of the respiratory and calms the mind, because the more calm, regular breathing is more thoughts relent.If you think about your child benefit try to do that.
  • To practice the exercises, the child should wear comfortable t-shirt and cotton pants, a pair of socks or bare feet. Once apredidos exercises can be practiced at home: in the morning, to prepare and arontar the day off, at night, to promote relaxation and release tension.

Then we show some yoga exercises that your child can do to get different benefits.

Yoga has very beneficial effects on children. In addition to provide them strength, mobility and elasticity helps them relax and learn to control her own body.

Some time ago I seek some simple postures to do with my girl in my daily yoga session.

I found easy to perform 15 exercises that, gameplay and incorporating images of nature, you can teach your children.

Yoga For Children – How It Is Useful :Yoga is a highly recommended therapy to treat childhood hyperactivity and working breathing and helps to relax the nervous system helping the child to focus on the ejericicios and get calm.

Also working balance, motor skills, helps them understand the world around them and develop concentration.

Benefits of yoga practice with for your son:

  1. Development and gross motor dexterity.
  2. Fitness
  3. Improving postural habits spine.
  4. Massage internal organs.
  5. Improvement in breathing habits.
  6. stimulation of blood circulation.
  7. Improvement of self-esteem.
  8. Low childhood stress level.
  9. Improving the senses.
  10. Agility and strength.
  11. Calm and relaxation.
  12. Stretch.
  13. Concentration, imagination memoriae.
  14. Harmonization of personality and character.
  15. Timely physical energy channeling.

Types of Exercises:

The great tree defies the storm

Although the strong winds, the tree does not bend to the storm and remains anchored to the ground with their roots. This exercise, which mimics the tree pose, reinforces the child’s sense of balance emotionally, if the child’s hip and edgy, and physical, if clumsy movements, he stumbles or falls frequently. Standing on the floor with his arms raised and hands together, the child is drawn up as a tree spreads its branches to the sky.

The king of the jungle greets the sun

In the morning, barely awake, the lion announces his subjects that you’re ready to go hunting. Thus, children are prepared for the new day with exercises that strengthen the airways and protect against colds. Sitting on your heels, children inspire deeply and blowing hard with mouth open and tongue out mimic the lion roars.

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