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Stretch your body towards a happy and healthy life with yoga

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Happy and Healthy life with Yoga

Happy and Healthy life with Yoga: Yoga is becoming a hot topic among the health lovers and indeed yoga is good for you. There are various physical and mental benefits of practicing yoga in the correct way. So you can enjoy your life even better. Let’s explore what are the benefits of yoga.

When it comes to the physical benefits, flexibility, strength and muscle tone takes a special place. Stretching a tight body in new ways helps the body to become more flexible making it possible for your body to be able move the muscles into a greater range of motions.  When you keep on practicing, you will notice that you had gained flexibility in the hamstrings, back, hips and shoulders. Also many yoga poses make your body weight to be supported in new ways. For instance balancing in one leg or supporting your body weight using arms etc. This leads to an increase in body strength. As a by-product of gaining such strength, the muscle tone will be increased. With yoga, you get long and lean muscles.

Back pain which is a common complaint of those who reach middle age is a direct result of wrong posture and back muscles not being strong enough to carry the posture. This can cause muscle tightness and spinal compression. With the appropriate yoga exercises you can improve the strength of the back and posture which would lead to pain free strong back.

Better breathing habits is a very underrated benefit of yoga which can be extremely beneficial. Mostly we breathe with very shallow repetitions where our lungs do not get filled properly. Pranayama yoga breathing exercises totally guide us on how to breath properly and get the maximum use of our lungs pumping more oxygen to our blood stream helping our body to function better. And good breathing habits help to clear the nasal passages and even calm down our central nervous system. Hence it gives mental and physical benefits.

Calming the mind also another benefit of yoga. In general when you think of yoga, mostly you think of the physical benefits. But some “Asanas” such as “Yoga Asana” mainly concentrate on the movements of your body which inadvertently bring the effect of calmness to the mind. Watching how you breath and disengaging from your thoughts also another way yoga introduces you to meditation.  You will be forgetting your daily troubles, the responsibilities at your work place slowly melt away during the yoga which slowly relieve the stress giving the much needed break from the stress factors which bother your  mind. After each yoga session you will clearly notice how your stress level is slowly going down.

All in all yoga give an increased awareness of your own body which lead to increase the level of comfort of your own body. This obviously lead to improved body structure and greater self confidence. When you have confidence people will take you seriously and you will look like a responsible person. And you will be feeling good inside as well outside.

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