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The Three Secrets Of Weight Loss

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Secrets Of Weight Loss

Secrets Of Weight Loss: Did you know that every year, people spend billions of dollars on exercise books, workout plans, diet pills, and various weight loss schemes that may or may not pan out? Telling people how to lose weight is a huge industry, but it’s not a very effective industry. Most people don’t actually lose weight, because they don’t understand the keys to weight loss. Read on to learn what those keys are.

Number One: Low Calories

The most fundamental aspect of losing weight is keeping your calorie intake down. If you are eating more calories than you burn in a day, you will gain weight. It is as simple as that. The first priority of any weight loss plan has to be keeping track of how many calories you eat, and then ensuring that you burnt at least that many calories, and hopefully a little bit more.

Too many diet plans don’t instruct dieters to keep an eye on their calories, and then the dieters lose track of this simple fact. But as long as you remember to keep your calorie intake lower than your calorie burn rate, you will lose weight. So no matter what plan you are following, keep track of your calories.

Number Two: Low Carbs

Now, one caveat to the calorie rule above all calories count, but some calories count more than others. Or rather, they count in somewhat different ways. Calories that you get from meats and vegetables are not the same as calories you get from grains and sugars. Whenever you eat more calories than you burn, you will gain weight. However, it is possible to gain weight by adding fat, and by adding muscle. Calories from meat and vegetables are more apt to be stored as muscle, which is healthy for you and looks flattering on your frame. Calories from grains and sugar are more apt to be stored as fat, which is what you want to lose.

This means that if you are dieting, you should eat more meat and vegetables, and cut things like cereal, rice, pasta, cookies, and crackers out of your diet. Then, on the days when the calories you eat do exceed the calories you burn, you will still only gain weight in the form of muscle. And that’s a good thing. This tip also helps because meat and vegetables make you feel more full than grains and sugars. So even if you are eating fewer calories, if those calories are coming from meats and veggies, you won’t have to feel hungry.

Number Three: High Exercise

And finally, exercising is important to any dieting regimen. When you exercise, you burn off calories, which helps you on those days when you do eat more. Your margin for error gets a little wider; you can eat an extra cupcake, or another helping of spaghetti, without worrying about it derailing your diet. And if you exercise regularly once you go back to a normal diet, it will be difficult to gain much weight. You will be able to eat a lot, and still keep your svelte figure.

And exercise helps in one more way. When you have excess calories from meat and vegetables, exercise will stimulate your body to burn those calories into muscle. So if you are looking to add mass or muscle definition to your frame, you absolutely need to exercise. And if you combine exercise with a low carb, low-calorie diet, you can simultaneously lose weight and add muscle. And that will change the entire look of your body.

Dan Clay is a Sydney personal trainer and owner of Dangerously Fit. If you would like to book a bootcamp in Sydney, click here. Hope you love reading “The Three Secrets Of Weight Loss”. Share your view in the comment section below.

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