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Regular yogic practices to overcome overweight woes


Overcome overweight woes

What are the major causes of overweight?

Overweight results from overeating and lack of exercise. It is caused when there is malfunctioning of the endocrine system. When there is such endocrine disorder, the body fails to eliminate the waste materials. Then the body cannot absorb to the required amount the fatty substances that a person consumes. These aspects individually or collectively lead to overweight.

How can overweight be corrected?

Overweight can be corrected by addressing the aforementioned aspects. Regular yogic practices added to a drastic and permanent change in one’s lifestyle are the means to control overweight. To bring back one’s weight to the normal stages, one will have to be determined and really patient. Metabolic disorders need time to be cured. Success can’t be achieved overnight.

Point to Ponder

* The battle against the bulge can be won only if you pay attention to weight control than to weight loss. This can be done if you control fat intake. Moreover, overweight results from accumulation of excess fat. So increase metabolism and lose fats. It will automatically lead to weight loss and proper weight control.

* Severe and drastic cuts on calorie will be counter-productive. It will lead to malnutrition. There will be adverse effects what with the energy reserves getting depleted.

* Weight loss must be done naturally.

* Abnormally overweight persons must not go on crash dietary programs. They should not suddenly embark on any hard exercise schedule either. Such steps go against the natural weight control process. Even if they lose weight as a result of such regimen, the loss weight generally returns slowly but with a vengeance.

* Reduce weight gradually and cautiously.

* Keep weight loss regimen down to a fairly constant level.

* Have patience, determination and will power to reduce weight slowly and over months.

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