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Helping Your Aging Parents Stay Comfortable

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Helping Your Aging Parents

Helping Your Aging Parents: After a certain age, no one particularly enjoys getting older. As your body gets older, you’ll experience more problems with it – it’s just a fact of life. Some elderly people are lucky enough not to be too adversely affected by age, and they can still accomplish as much physically as they ever could. Whether your aging parents have severe physical difficulties or just a few minor aches and pains, here are some ideas for helping them stay comfortable.

Talk to Your Parents

If you want your parents to be more comfortable, you need to communicate with them about exactly what that means. It might seem obvious, but you can’t assume you know what will make things better. Ask your parents if there is anything specific you can do. For example, if they are uncomfortable sleeping, do they need a new mattress? A different pillow? A fan in the room?

Chances are your parents already know what they need to be more comfortable, they just don’t want to ask for it, often because of pride or denial. Let them know that you want to help, and encourage them to discuss their comfort issues with you.

Make Them Smile

Physical discomfort can often be eased by mental pleasure. While you may be unable to do enough to eliminate physical discomfort, you can help improve the quality of your parents’ lives in other ways. If they’re bedridden or unable to move very much, be sure to visit them, call them, and stay in contact. You, your family members, and your friends should try to brighten their days with things like cards, flowers, books, photos, movies, storytelling, and simple conversation. Things like that can go a very long way toward making someone comfortable in any situation.

Made Modifications

Your parents may have trouble doing the things they used to, like taking a shower on their own, picking things up off the floor, or getting into the car. There are lots of modifications you can make or install in order to help them function with more comfort and ease. Medical supply companies, for example, sell a wide variety of senior-oriented products, such as shower seats and handrails, claw grabbers, stepping stools, and more. Sometimes make their environment more physically-friendly is all it takes to eliminate certain discomforts.

Talk to Their Doctors

Not all senior citizens enjoy speaking to their doctors about their physical discomforts. You should encourage your parents to speak to their doctors. If they won’t, you can talk to their doctors or do some research on their own. While they don’t have to listen to you, you can at least gather some information for them that they may have been unwilling to find on their own. Their doctors may be able to suggest some new ideas for your parents to consider.

As we get older, comfort gets more and more important, and it also gets more and more elusive. Your parents will truly appreciate your efforts to make their daily lives more pleasurable.

Kathryn Thompson is a full-time caregiver and a part-time freelance writer committed to providing encouraging advice for you and your aging parents. Hope you love reading “Helping Your Aging Parents”. Share your view in the comment section below.

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