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Permanent Roster, Place, Venue & Time for Yoga Exercise

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Time for Yoga Exercise

Time for Yoga Exercise

Make yoga the starting point daily.
Don’t make yoga a compulsion.
Just ensure that your mind and body will look forward to the yoga schedule every dawn.
Yoga should be your habit just as you brush your teeth.
Have patience, and proceed with dedication.
You will definitely witness the positive results in your outlook towards life within a few weeks time.

Place and Venue for Yoga

Especially because yoga involves breathing exercises, it is mandatory that they are done in a pollution-free environment.

Yogic results are the best when one does these exercises in a serene environment that is pollution free. So, shortlist such sites. It can be a park or a river bank ( about 150 feet away from the river).

But, don’t choose a place too near the sea.

Don’t exercise in an AC room.

But the best place for yoga is your sanctum sanctorum. It can be the bedroom or the parlour. Or any other room for that matter. But ensure that the ventilation is proper and there is silence all round.

The ideal location must be free of mosquitoes, insects, smoke, dust, draught, visual distractions or foul odors.

The place must be flat and firm. Such places provide a stable base as you execute your movements.

Avoid rocky surfaces.

The floor must not be slanting or uneven.

It mustn’t be wet or slippery as well.

Since some of the yogic asanas require your crown, nose, chin and face to come into contact with the ground, it is necessary that the chosen place is clean, hygienic, smooth and flat.

Ideal Time For Yoga

But what if you stay in a busy locale? Then too you can usher in that ideal environment. This is how you can go about creating such an environment: Start yoga pranayam and asanas when the neighbors have not yet risen or the cars have not yet started plying on the road outside. The morning hours before sunrise or what we know as dawn is the most appropriate time to do yoga.

The best time is between 5-7 in the morning hours.

Spare just an hour in the dawn for yoga. Begin as the night bids adieu and the new day is approaching. The sky will still be starry. The moon would still be visible. At that time, the air is cool and fresh; the environment is silent and peaceful; your body and mind are relaxed after a good night’s sleep, and your tummy is empty after the toxic materials are purged as a part of the daily morning schedule.

And, you’ll finish the yoga schedule leisurely as the dawn welcomes the sun god – the appropriate moment for Surya Pranam.

The early morning joint stiffness syndrome will disappear as you do the Surya Namaskar asanas along with a few of the easy ones.

Don’t exercise if the weather is too cold or hot.

Avoid windy locations as well as polluted places.

Don’t do the yogic exercises in places where the sun rays fall directly on your body.

Never exercise when your body is cold.

Yoga Schedules (Main & Alternative)

Yoga exercises are done when you are feeling fresh and free of tension.

Insulate yourself if the weather is too cold; and if it is too hot, seek out an airy room.

Go to bed early and rise early

But, what if you happen to miss the morning schedule?

Well, it’s precisely because of such contingencies that we have asked you to fix up an alternative schedule as well.

Even if you’re really short of time, at least practice the 12 Surya pranam asanas in the morning.

They would take at the most 30 minutes. (You can skip the other exercises for the day.)

You would be the gainer as those 30 minutes asanas will make you ready – physically and mentally – for the long and busy day ahead!

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