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Costumes And Seats for Yoga exersises


Yoga Costumes And Seats selection

  • Wear loose-fitting clean clothes that permit free movement of air.
  • Use minimum clothes.
  • Males can wear only a brief while the females can don a costume akin to a swim wear.
  • Ensure that you do not feel uncomfortable in the clothes.
  • Avoid extra constrictions around the wrists, waists, abdomen, ankles, chests and necks.
  • Choose the clothes according to the climate and season.
  • Clothes restricting limb movements should not be worn.
  • Don’t wear clothes made of artificial fibres.
  • Preferably wear cotton clothes. They are of porous weave, light, and airy.
  • When the weather is comfortable, expose the body to the maximum limit possible.
  • If the weather is cold, wear loose-fitting slacks, vest or cotton shirt.
  • The body above the waist must be exposed to the free air. Women can put on a breast covering.
  • Your muscles and limbs must be able to move freely.
  • The yogic asanas must be done barefoot. So don’t wear shoes or socks.
  • To avoid discomfort and possible damage, remove spectacles, ornaments, watch, belt, or tie.
  • Ensure that your pockets are empty.


  • Yogic accessories are simple
  • You need just a rug, or a mat or a blanket. But do cover it with a cotton cloth.
  • You can also use a cotton cloth. Fold it two or four times.
  • If the seat is made of wool, ensure that it is clean and exposed to sunlight before and after use. There should not be any dust.
  • The seat must be comfortable and not slippery.
  • Remember the seat must provide you with support while doing the balancing exercises.
  • The rug must accommodate your entire body.
  • Never share your seat with anybody.
  • A bed or a sofa are not at all ideal seats. You won’t be able to balance yourself as your body sinks in those places.
  • Don’t do asanas on bare floor, sand or grass. You may catch cold.

Congregations & Idea Sharing Fora

  • Ideally, you should frequent yogic congregations. These meetings offer an excellent for a for exchanging of ideas.
  • Idea sharing fora can be a good venue to clear doubts and also gain from the experiences of gurus and other veteran yoga practitioners and enthusiasts.
  • Ideas and comments flow freely in such gatherings. Anybody can be benefited from such interflow of ideas and comments.
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