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The Breathing Asanas combination of breathing and concentrating exercises

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The Breathing Asanas

The Breathing Asanas: The meditation postures are a combination of breathing and concentration exercises.

You should commence the yoga session in a sitting position.

The asanas that fall in this category are the Padmasana, Sukhasana and Siddhasana. *

Remain in that position for some minutes. Relax. Be composed.

Now condition your mind while remaining in that comfortable position.

You can concentrate on a round object positioned on your brow. You can also imagine your navel in that position. Total concentration is pinpointed towards this point.

After some time, the mind will become totally blank. No outward subjects or extraneous problems will trouble you after some time That is the blast-off stage — the absolutely serene moment for you to commence your breathing yogic exercises.

Remember, the yoga asanas must be done when you are in good spirits. That blows away all the blues: your laziness vanishes, as your mental tension and the overall result, is enthusiasm.

A positive attitude is a must. Don’t exercise reluctantly!

The yogic exercises should be slowly, steadily, and calmly.

There should not be any tension or haste.

To get the optimum results, you must have endurance, patience, and lots of willpower. All these will, of course, emanate from the meditation session.

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