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Mind Conditioning Yoga proper conditioning of the person’s mind

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Mind Conditioning Yoga

Mind Conditioning Yoga: That a person has decided to take up yoga shows his/her interest in the time-tested science. It also proves the person’s faith in the method enshrined in the yoga tomes.

What now remains is the proper conditioning of the person’s mind.

Since our mind is involved with a multitude of issues, problems, and varieties of tensions, it is mandatory that the mind is first purged of all such extraneous thought strains.  That ideal mental state can be easily ushered in through meditation postures.

Just as we warm-up before any exercise sessions, so also the meditation asanas prepare us for the main yoga sessions.

Practiced regularly, the meditation state of the mind can be brought in by anyone anytime and anywhere.

Above all, the mind conditioning session preceding the other yoga sessions improves the concentration faculty.

Notably, one can also opt to do only the meditation session to chalk out thought processes.

Practice the meditation stance(s), juxtapose it with the breathing asana(s), and see how you get over the ‘butterflies in the tummy’ syndrome.

Nervousness vanishes. Confidence takes over.

Hence, a short meditation session wedded to mind control and breathing techniques can do a world of wonders especially before one commences a task. It is ideal before exams, interviews, group discussions, debates, and any other competitive tests.

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