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Setting the stage for Yoga get the optimum benefits from yoga

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Setting the stage for Yoga

Body slimness, face luster, voice clarity, eye brightness, disease-free body, gastric-fire stimulation, Nadi purification and control over the basic instincts result from regular practise of Hatha Yoga. – Guarantees the Hathapradipika (11-78).

Setting the Stage for Yoga: To get the optimum benefits from yoga, one will have to follow the following 15-fold guidelines: They help to set the stage most ideal for an individual for practicing yoga.

A. Ensuring physical endurance for the yoga schedule;
B. Mind conditioning.
C. The right moment for the breathing asanas.
D. Dedication & Perseverance
E. Proper yoga guidance.
F. Learning the accurate yoga methods.
G. Setting up a fixed schedule.
H. Chalking out an alternative schedule, just in case.
I. Adherence to the roster.
J. Selection of time and place;
K. Exact venue;
L. Costume & Seat;
M. Selection of a congregation.
N. Sharing of experiences and ideas,
O. Exchange of views and comments;

As you can see, one stage simply merges into the following stage thereby preparing the stage for the subsequent stages. Proper adherence to the above 15 rules will bring out a concrete whole. All in all, the 15 afore-mentioned guidelines are akin to the road-signs that guide the traveler as he sets on the road to achieve mental peace and sound health

Let’s analyze the points one by one.

Ensuring Physical Endurance

Prior to beginning the journey, it’s rather important that the student first seek due counseling from the experts.
Simultaneously, go for a medical examination. You should start the yoga schedule only after getting the nod from the physician. Some exercises are not meant for people suffering from certain diseases. So, it’s of utmost importance that you undertake a medical check-up at right at the beginning.

Remember that if a person is suffering from some severe ailments, he/she should first have himself/herself cured to be able to go ahead with the yoga schedule.

Heart patients must invariably consult their physicians and the yoga therapist before doing any exercise, especially strenuous ones.

The inverted yoga positions are also not recommended for the people having sinus (nasal) infection or problems.

If you’re suffering from blood pressure problems, then you will have to first bring the blood pressure to the normal level.

Such patients must never attempt those asanas where they have to balance their bodies on their heads. Such ‘topsy-turvy’ positions force blood to flow into the brain. Nonetheless, for such patients as well as those suffering from any kinds of organizational disorders, the best asana is the savasana. There are certain other asanas too appropriate for them. But these should be taken up only after discussion with the yoga therapist.

Of course, one can opt for curing the ailments entirely through the yogic method of asanas.

Notably, people of weak constitution must proceed through two steps prior to exercising. First, seek medical advice; second, take up a preliminary set of simple yoga asanas at least for five months. They can go for the advanced yoga postures once they regain full strength, have no complicacies in the functioning of their internal organs and are experience no strain or pain while moving their limbs.

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