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Kundalini Yoga Poses: Age-old Indian panacea for mind & body ailments

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Kundalini yoga poses an age-old Indian exercises

The Kundalini yoga poses constitute the set of age-old Indian exercises. These yoga poses are traditionally known by the Sanskrit term ‘Asana’. These poses are certain well researched and proven physical movements that are done with the deliberate utilization of the mind and breathing processes.

Tracing The Roots Of The Sanskrit Terms ‘Kundalini’ & Yoga

To understand the Kundalini yoga poses, it is necessary to understand the roots of the Sanskrit term ‘yoga‘. It means union of the body and the mind for optimal functioning.

The Sanskrit term ‘Kundalini’ alludes to the super power that governs our lives. The very meaning of ‘Kundalini’ is ‘divine serpentine power’. This supernatural power is manifest within our bodies in a serpent-like form around this Kundalini.

Kundalini Yoga Poses Harness The Latent Energy Sources

Kundalini‘ is a Sanskrit word. This term refers to the pivot around which the human physical and mental energies remain concentrated. The Kundalini yoga bring about the maximum benefit of the overall human system. Hence, a practitioner of the Kundalini yoga poses gain control over his personality.

Kundalini-Yogic Poses Function Process

Regular practice of the Kundalini yoga enables a person to consciously utilize his inherent power bases. Therefore, the poses makes optimal use of our potential energy reservoirs – both physical as well as psychological.

What Makes Up Kundalini Yoga Poses

The Kundalini yoga make use of the entire persona of the yogi or the practitioner. The Kundalini yoga poses involve the systematic performance of intricate physical movement with concentrated mind play.

The Kundalini poses are performed through controlled breathing actions even as the yogi makes use of his verbal power to further concentrate on particular portions of the body.

All in all, systematic performance of the Kundalini yoga poses transforms the yogi into a person with a mature attitude.

Kundalini Yoga Poses: Breathing Tactics

The Kundalini yoga postures or Asanas are done with definite tactics to control breathing also are known by another Sanskrit term Pranayama.

The Kundalini yoga controlled breathing tactics are used for both the inhalation and the exhalation processes. Some of these poses require the halting of either the in-breath or the out-breath. Such poses can be performed only with total concentration psychologically as well as physically.

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