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Dad’s Guide In Maintaining A Hot Aura – Get Fit At All Times

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Get Fit At All Times: I noticed that there are a lot of dads who look lousy. It seems that they don’t take care of themselves the way they did when they were still younger. Perhaps, most of them are too busy with their jobs, they’d rather look bad than to miss an appointment.

Of course, I know that your work can be very demanding. But that shouldn’t be the reason why you are looking older than your age. Here are some tips which can help you become a Hot Daddy!

Learn to say NO to booze sessions with friends.  I’m not saying that you should say goodbye to your social life. But I wouldn’t suggest that you attend a regular booze session with the guys. Beers can make your tummy big. I think that statement should be enough to stop you from drinking.

Stay away from burgers and fries. Burgers and fries are just amazing. After a long day, most people would consider burger and fries their reward. It’s ok to treat yourself for a sinful food once in a while. But if you can avoid it, then better. You can ask your wife to make a healthy snack instead.

Find time to exercise. Make time for it. Even with your piles of reports, you should be able to make time to bend your muscles. A weekend hiking getaway with the whole family sounds great, don’t you think? It’s fun and it’s also a form of exercise. You can also ask your friends to join fun run events or biking events. Plus, I’m not asking you to hit the gym every single day. Three times a week should do you good.

Spend time grooming yourself. It’s OK to be vain. Believe me, you will not be called ‘gay’ just because you apply moisturizer and sunblock on your face. There are a lot of products made specifically for men. You can even bring your wife so she can choose the best product for you.

Who wouldn’t want to look good right? Everyone would be inspired by your transformation. Imagine, a dad that provides well and still manages to look hot! Well, there’s one worry though. A lot of girls would be crushing on you. Better prepare for that.

So, do you have more suggestions for dads who would like to look good? If you do, then there’s no better way than to share your tips here. I’m sure dads out there will be thankful that they have read this post.

Barbara Watson is a mom with an adorable husband. He gives tips on how dads will look good. She has one of those hot dads! Also, she is a regular contributor for Health Articles. Hope you love reading “Get Fit At All Times”. Share your view in the comment section below.

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