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Refusing To Let Broken Bones Heal Properly Is A Bad Decision

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Let Broken Bones Heal Properly

Let Broken Bones Heal Properly: The human body is a very amazing thing. Scientists and medical professionals have only begun to understand how it functions because it is more complex than we have ever imagined. What we do know is that our anatomy has some very astonishing capabilities. Among the most intriguing powers of the human body is the ability to heal itself. While humans cannot instantly seal up a deep laceration like the superheroes in the movies, our bodies do possess the power to gradually recover from physical wounds and ailments with proper rest and nutrition. Even broken bones, one of the more severe physical injuries, can fully recover over time. However, messing with a broken arm, leg, or another body part before it heals properly is a mistake you don’t want to make.

How do bones heal?

All bones undergo a multi-step process of healing that starts with inflammation. Inflammation is a natural defense mechanism that is activated with nearly every injury. While swelling and pain are a result of inflammation, the process also sends blood, nutrients, and white blood cells to the affected area to begin the recovery. After a number of days, blood clots begin to form at the site of the fracture. The cartilage will eventually take over where blood clots are present, and after a few weeks, the hard bone will begin to form in those same spots. Finally, the phase of the bone remodeling begins after several months. During this phase, the hard bone regains its shape, and blood circulation goes back to normal in the bone.

What timeframe is needed for complete recovery?

Most fractures take between two and five months to heal, although the recovery time can vary greatly depending on a number of different factors including how serious the fracture is, how much nutrition the individual is getting, and how much physical activity is being performed. It is not uncommon for more severe injuries to last up to a year to fully heal.

What should I do to make a quick recovery?

There are a number of things you could do to speed up the healing process. First, get plenty of rest. Sleeping is when the human body repairs itself. Without adequate rest, your healing time will surely be extended. Next, eat a well-balanced and nutritious diet full of vitamins and minerals. These nutrients will fuel the body during its recovery. Using a cast is another great way to keep the broken bones in place and prevent further damage from physical activity. While it is recommended that physical activity be kept to a minimum during recovery, that’s often unavoidable. Wearing a cast shield the injured body part and enhances healing speed. When bones are almost completely healed, getting some physical therapy will allow you to rebuild your motor skills. This especially applies to leg injuries that may have kept you immobilized for an extended period of time.

What should I avoid when I am still recovering?

The number one thing to avoid is rigorous physical activity. You do not want to put too much stress on the healing bones because it could induce more extensive injuries. Slow, gradual movement may be beneficial, but fast, hard motions can be detrimental to recovery. Also avoid eating junk food and missing out on sleep.

Consequences of refusing to let bones fully heal

Recovery time usually increases when unnecessary stress is put on the fractured bones. Failing to remain cautious until the fracture is fully repaired can result in more serious injuries that may be permanent. For example, an already fractured bone could completely snap in two with too much stress and cause permanent immobility. The only remedy for this might be to get surgical implants or prosthetics.

Jack Collins is passionate about safe healing practices, waterproof cast covers, and blogs online to encourage safe healing practices for injured limbs and broken bones. Hope you love reading “Refusing To Let Broken Bones Heal Properly Is A Bad Decision”. Share your view in the comment section below.

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