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6 Things Your Future, Healthier Self Would Tell You

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Healthier Self Would Tell You

Things Your Future, Healthier Self Would Tell You: Hello! How are you doing? Yes, it’s me, that is, you, from the future. In my time we have the power to send messages into the past, but for some reason, we can only do it through the medium of list articles on health and fitness blogs. Don’t ask me why, I don’t understand the science.

Anyway, that’s not what I’m here to talk about. I’m here to talk about this. You know all… this. Basically, you could be living better. In fact, you will be living better. I started living healthier from about the time you’re sitting in now, and it has done wonders for me. So, to help you along, here are a few things I think you should hear beforehand. Wait! I know you’re about to stop reading, because frankly, being told you need to be healthier is boring, so here’s what I’ll do. You read all of this and I’ll put next week’s lottery numbers at the bottom of the article, okay? And don’t try skipping to the end, because I’ll remember you doing that!

1. It’s Worth It

If you look at all the reasons people live unhealthy lifestyles now, they’re mostly borne of things that look pretty good. Our diet might be terrible, but that’s because our bodies evolved to survive on what you’d basically consider starvation, and now we have access to as much food as we could possibly want.

Likewise, the amount of exercise that the body is supposed to need comes from an ancestry that used that for running away from saber-tooth tigers, or, more recently, engaging in constant tedious, back-breaking labor, whilst now a person is more likely to be sat behind a desk all day before going to sit on their very comfy sofa at home.

Having access to enough food and not having to work yourself to the bone are good things, from where you’re sitting it seems like a shame to have to simulate near starvation and backbreaking manual labor just to keep your body from falling apart under all the luxury.

But the thing is, while yes, our bodies are designed for less food and more physical effort than you’re putting in, your brain is also designed to reward you for that. Feeling healthy feels good. Exercise is a pain when it starts, but soon your brain starts releasing endorphins, that’s a real thing! And then that feels good too!

2. It’s Not That Hard To Get Started

Now, I know this, and you know this too, but the fact is you’ve been putting off getting fit for a while now haven’t you? It’s always been a “next year” or “in the Summer” or “as soon as work calms down” kind of thing hasn’t it?

Well no, that’s not how it works. Sooner or later you have to just start, so you might as well start today. Bear in mind I’ve got a vested interest here – the sooner you get up and get to work on this, the longer I’ll have had to enjoy the benefits. So how about we stop making excuses and just do it? Put on some trainers and go for a jog round the park perhaps? Do a few laps at the local swimming pool? Have a salad for lunch?

3. But You Will Keep Coming Up With Excuses To Stop

Once you’ve gotten started you’ll feel pretty good, but eventually, you’ll want to quit – I know I did. Either you’ll have a day when you’re in a grotty mood or a bad week at work, or it’ll be raining, it doesn’t matter what the reason will be. The point is you’ll skip it once, and then if you don’t get right back into it you’ll break the habit, and skipping a day will turn into skipping a month. In other words: STICK AT IT. If you think you’re going to lapse, get a friend to help you out, you can help motivate each other.

4. Healthy Food Actually Tastes Better

No, stop laughing. Seriously, it does. Think about the flavors that make up your diet now. Grease, salt, sugar. Did I cover everything? Yes, okay, sometimes you have a curry, but I’ve basically covered everything. By eating healthier you actually have to be a bit more creative with your cooking, and guess what? This means you start eating new and exciting things. Trust me, by about a year from now your sweet potato curry, will be to die for.

5. It Will Help You, Dodge, A Lot of Bullets

Let’s be honest, Past Me. You aren’t always the nicest to Future You, are you? Past You drinks the booze, and then you let Future You deal with the hangover. Past You puts off doing the dishes, so Future You has to deal with that weird blue stuff that’s started growing in the saucepan.

Well, when it comes to your health you’re basically doing that on a large scale. If you don’t get some exercise and eat some healthier food, I’m the one who’s going to have to deal with the heart disease, the type 2 diabetes, the growing belly, and quite frankly the really rubbish self-esteem. So do me a favor yeah? And put a stop to that, or you’ll wish you had when you’re me.

6. Next Week’s Lottery Numbers

There, you’ve been very good, you’ve read the whole article, so here it is. Next week’s lottery numbers are… oh nuts, I’m out of time. Sorry! Still, get some exercise and start cooking some low-fat recipes, yeah? See you in the future!

Sam Wright is a freelance writer and occasional time traveler, who thinks bringing you this message from your future is more important than killing Hitler. He writes about healthy and low-fat recipes for Hope you love reading “6 Things Your Future, Healthier Self Would Tell You”. Share your view in the comment section below.

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