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Pilates Reformer – 5 Reasons You Need One

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A Pilates reformer helps a person to perfect their form to get maximum results from the Pilates workout. It allows people to strengthen their core muscles and target trouble spots safely. The low impact, powerful Pilates regimen supported by the reformer machine provides a more controlled workout for people on all fitness levels.


The device is a complicated apparatus that is designed to provide the safest Pilates workout. Equipped with a headrest, foam pads and a padded cushion, the person can be seated comfortably at various angles while executing the positions. The wheels, soft rollers and the sliding platform ensure an effortless transition between movements with great control. The frame fabricated from sturdy metals supports the person in difficult positions while enforcing proper form.

Top benefits of Pilates reformers

When the person wants to improve their workouts and accelerate results, they have multiple options available to them. They can do longer workouts or they can use the reformer machine to get a better workout. The Pilates reformer machine allows the person to work out in the convenience of their homes.

1. Recovering from injuries

The machine is ideal for those who have sustained previous, minor injuries and are in the beginning recovery stages. The machine is recommended for those who have had back injuries due to physical imbalances; it aids a person in strengthening specific core muscles. As the core muscles are strengthened, the person is better able to manage back pain.

2. Limiting stress to the joints

The person will also be able to protect their muscles from stress to the joints often caused by the exercises being performed incorrectly. Patients with larger frames or limited experience benefit from the workout without causing stress to their joints.

3. Promoting mastery

Some instructors use the machine to introduce the student to the basic positions. As the person becomes proficient, they are better able to master the positions and complete workouts without the assistance of the machine if desired.

4. Concentrating on certain areas

A person may want to concentrate on trouble areas. Some people purchase the Pilates reformer machine to focus on a trouble region. These people recognize that more effort may be needed to better target specific muscle groups.

5. Target the core muscle region on a different level

The core muscles are difficult to develop. Many people have found that the reformer machine produces more results than other exercises that target the core muscle group. The person’s spine is better aligned to create a more effective workout. All muscle groups in the abdominal region are fully engaged and strengthened as result of the resistance.

The reformer machine takes the Pilates workout to another level for the average person. It promotes movement mastery and proficiency. It allows the person to focus and target on specific muscles groups. Individuals on all fitness levels can execute movements within minimum risks of developing injuries with the reformer machine.

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