Aswini Mudra

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In Sanskrit, the term ‘Aswini’ means ‘mare’ while the word ‘mudra’ refers to ‘symbol’.
The yoga practitioner will be rhythmically contracting the anus muscles just as a horse contracts and relaxes the anus muscles after expelling its bowel contents.


You will have to proceed to the Aswini Mudra by assuming the Janu Vakasana posture.
Breathe normally.
Even as you inhale, slowly but evenly and tightly contract and then relax the sphincter muscles of the anus.
This exercise alternatively contracts and relaxes these muscles besides opening up the anus alternatively.
When you repeat this posture in the alternate position/side, your body will be in the Aswini Mudra.
Repeat the asana seven times.
Subsequently you will be able to increase the limit time of this position 11 times.
Increase the timing by two times every week.
Return to the sitting position.


The rectum as well as the nerves and the muscles surrounding the anal sphincter5s are strengthened.

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