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The 9th Surya Namaskar


The 9th Surya Namaskar marks the return to the starting position. Mentionably, the fourth position is repeated, but backwards. After the completion of this position, you will have to return to the third posture which, on the other hand, constitutes the 10th posture.

Methodology The 9th Surya Namaskar

  • Don’t bend the elbows or change the palm position on the ground.
  • Take breath number five (inhale).
  • Slightly bend the right knee.
  • Slide forth the right leg.
  • Place it flat on the ground.
  • The right leg should be roughly five inches behind the right arm.
  • Bring the right arm to a vertical position with the left arm.
  • Keep the right thigh near the raised trunk.
  • The right knee must be a bit ahead of the right arm.
  • The right thigh should touch the vertically kept right arm.
  • Your backside and trunk will automatically lower themselves the moment the right foot is slid forward.
  • Rest the toes of the bent and lowered left knee firmly on the ground.
  • The left foot must be in a perpendicular line with the floor.
  • The left leg must be extended straight with the knee slightly above the floor.
  • Ensure that the foot and the thigh of the extended left leg are in line with the vertical left arm.
  • Raise upwards the head and the trunk.
  • Your chest must be thrust forward, head and neck stretched back and the spine arched to their maximum possible limit.
  • Look upwards; your chin will be raised to the highest point.
  • Your body weight will now be supported on the left toes, right foot and on the hands.
  • Hold on to this position as you exhale completely.

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