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The 5th Surya Namaskar Posture


From this point onwards till the completion of the eighth Surya Namaskar posture, you’ll have to keep your feet in the same position.

Methodology The 5th Surya Namaskar

  • While carrying out the complete exhalation of position four, you’d be proceeding to this fifth posture.
  • Keeping intact the right leg, the vertical arms and the palm positions, stretch the bent left leg on the floor. Firmly rest it on the toes.
  • The knees must be above the ground while the legs must be straight and parallel to the floor.
  • Ensure that the extended left leg is in line with the left arm which is being kept straight during this change of position.
  • Remember that your feet will now remain in this position till the completion of the eighth Surya Namaskar posture.
  • The toes and palms should be pressed on the floor.
  • Now lift your body from the floor in such a way that it is an inclined state downwards from the shoulders to the toes.
  • Your toes and hands will be supporting the body’s weight.
  • The vertical arms and feet will have to be propped up.
  • The legs, thighs, the trunk and the head will now be in one line.
  • Keep the palm fingers pointed ahead.
  • Look at the floor.
  • Remain in this position. Maintain your balance.
  • As you remain comfortably in this posture, exhale completely.


  • Your abdominal muscles are comfortably stretched.
  • This posture also improves your posture.
  • Simultaneously, your toes, feet, ankles, legs, back, shoulders, arms and the wrists are exercised.

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