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The 4th Surya Namaskar Posture


The 4th Surya Namaskar: As we have stated, one position merges into the other. It was also pointed out each two positions right from the beginning stretch the body in diametrically opposite directions thereby exercising the entire body.

Methodology The 4th Surya Namaskar

  • Your palms and left foot must be placed firmly on the ground.
  • Now inhale (second breath) slowly. Bend the knees a bit.
  • But, don’t bend the arms.
  • Press down hard on your hands placed on the ground.
  • Lower the posterior.
  • Your right leg must be stretched straight to its entire length.
  • Simultaneously slide the right foot backwards to the extreme position. Then, firmly rest the foot on the toes.
  • Raise your head and trunk.
  • The right foot during these movements must be fixed on the floor in a perpendicular fashion. That foot and its thigh should be in a line with the vertically placed right arm.
  • Even as you keep the right leg extended and straight, see that your right knee is slightly over the ground.
  • During this leg stretching move, your left leg should also be bent at the knee. Keep the left sole and the left palm firmly placed on the floor.
  • Notably, your extended leg must remain straight and stiff. The knee must be slightly above the floor.
  • The beginners can, of course, keep the knee on the floor. It will give them support.
  • Bring the left thigh closest to the trunk.
  • The left knee has to be a bit ahead of the vertical left arm.
  • The left side of the left thigh has to touch the vertically placed left arm.
  • Maintain your balance while you press on the ground your left foot as well as both your palms.
  • In this position, you must stretch backwards (to the maximum limit) your neck and head besides pushing forward your chest. Your spine should also be arched. Your chin will remain raised as you look upwards.
  • See that you are supporting your body weight on the right foot toes, the left foot, and the hands. You should grip the floor with these three portions of your body.
  • Slowly complete the exhalation and hold on to this position till you complete the exhalation.


  • Position 4 stretches the neck and spine in a direction that is opposite to the third Surya Namaskar position.
  • Simultaneously, your thighs, arms and the pelvis are also stretched and therefore exercised.

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