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The 11th Surya Namaskar


The 11th Surya Namaskar: This penultimate posture will bring you back to the second posture.

Methodologyof the he 11th Surya Namaskar

The following tips provide the easiest means to resume the second posture:

  • Slowly but deeply take the sixth breath (Inhale) as you stay in posture 10.
  • Simultaneously bend backwards the upper portion of your body right from the hips as you resume the standing position.
  • Don’t bend your elbows or the knees.
  • The inside portions of your upper arms should touch the ears as you rise.
  • Now, bring the arms straight above your head.
  • Your palms will be pointing outwards.
  • Complete the exhalation.
  • Hold your breath.
  • In that same relaxed tone, stretch backwards your arms and body.
  • This backward bending action should be from the waist. But don’t bend your elbows or the knees.
  • Push forward the pelvis and the abdomen. Your spine will make an anterior arch.
  • Keep the head steady between the upper arms.
  • Look backwards.
  • Stay put in this position for about five seconds. Hold on to your breath.

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