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Muscle Recovery And Age

by Yoga Positions
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Muscle Recovery And Age: Should you approach training differently as you get older? Are there things you can do to defy Father Time? Let’s look into this important factor that all people should consider because it will affect you at some point.

The body does not always age gracefully. After 30, things typically start to go downhill for both men and women. There is a natural process of the muscles and bones getting weaker which can be offset by lifting weights. Also you have to deal with things like reduced testosterone (if you are a man) and the body not being as capable of recovery compared to our youth when our body was in rapid growth mode. To make matters worse, your body tends to also tighten up.

So how do you approach these changes? You simply can’t just workout like you always have. That is a recipe for disaster or at least a nagging injury. No, you need to approach it intelligently and understand that to get the most out of your body the key is to adapt and counteract as it changes.

Ways to Fend Off Age

  • Rest Days – This is certainly the simplest method to work with age; add more rest days to your routine. It takes longer to recover so give your body more time. Remember soreness and pain is an indicator that the healing process isn’t done. So plan on things taking longer and then use that time to help facilitate recovery. That also means getting a good night’s sleep.
  • Fatty Acids – As you age the addition of essential fatty acids to your daily intake becomes more important to longevity. They act as an anti-inflammatory which helps joint and muscle pain. Also they improve brain function and help with tendon elasticity. Finally they are important for hormone production which is critical as you age.
  • Supplements – Along with upping the ante with a serious multivitamin like Optimum Nutrition’s Opti-men, people should consider something like Muscle-Link’s GH Stak which helps work with your natural growth hormone release. This is a safe option to help maximize what your body does have instead of adding some illegal supplement.
  • Muscle Therapy – It is time to invest into some relaxation for your body. This includes getting a deep tissue massage, taking ice baths, and using a hot tub. Heck even using a heating pad on a sore muscle is a great idea! These are all ways to help increase the recovery process of the body. When you are really sore or worried about an injury, look to take proactive steps to help aid the process.
  • Yoga – As the body ages it tends to tighten up. That loss of flexibility can affect a person in so many ways such as being more prone to an injury. Many people turn to yoga to keep the body loose and limber. This helps increase blood flow and circulation which is vital to muscle repair and body health.

The Bottom Line

Age really is just a number. While we might not be able to bounce back as quickly as before, there are methods you can use to keep your body fit and healthy as the years pass. It does mean being open-minded to new ideas but the payoff is your long-term health and happiness which is always a good investment.

You can find more articles by Leslie Stevens by folling the Nutribomb Google Plus Fitness Page where he writes on a number of diet and fitness topics. Hope you love reading “Muscle Recovery And Age”. Share your view in the comment section below.

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