The Basic Process of Surya Namaskar

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The progressive Stages

As you advance from one Surya Namaskar stage to another, you are on the process of completing the inter-connected links among the 12 postures. Actually, one stage merges into the other. So proceed in the ascending order, numerically speaking, i.e., from Posture to Posture 12 consecutively.

Gestation Period

  • One posture or position must be held on to for five seconds. However, the beginners can opt to hold on for three seconds in each position.
  • A pause prepares the stage for the commencement of the subsequent position. Such a gap should be of just two seconds between two successive postures or positions within a Namaskar cycle. For the beginners, this gestation period (between two positions) can be of five seconds.

Frequency Roster

A cycle of 12 postures complete one Namaskar. You can repeat the Namaskars at an even pace several times. But, don’t exert yourself.

Each position within a Surya Namaskar should be done slowly. The beginners need to proceed cautiously and gradually. The children can, of course, do the postures faster than adults.

Caution Note

It is only with practice that one can do the Namaskars rather swiftly without leaving any gap between the positions. But fasten the pace only after you master each position.

Practice Duration

Practise the Surya Namaskars for 15 minutes at the most if you are not practicing any other asanas. But, do take rest in between.

However, if you wish to other asanas as well, just practice three Namaskar cycles. With experience, you can keep on increasing the cycle by three every week till you reach 12 cycles.

Instead of hurrying to complete several Namaskar cycles, it is better to systematically complete three cycles. In the latter instance, there will be better coordination between breathing and exercising.

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