The 10th Surya Namaskar

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Begin the 10th Surya Namaskar by resuming the third posture
10th Surya Namaskar Posture
Methodology The 10th Surya Namaskar

Here’s how you’ll return to the third Surya Namaskar posture:

  • Slowly exhale.
  • Your palms must still be placed firmly on the ground.
  • Now bend the left knee.
  • Slide the left foot forward and bring it in line with the right foot.
  • Place the sole flat on the ground roughly five inches behind the vertically placed left arm.
  • Simultaneously raise high your hips.
  • Bend forward from the waist onwards.
  • Straighten the legs.
  • Don’t change the positions of the palms as well as the right foot which is on the floor. Remember that your palms and feet must be kept flat on the floor as was done while practising posture 3.

It’s from this position that you’ll rise upwards.

  • Push backwards the pelvis.
  • Keep your feet and palms flat on the floor.
  • The arms must be kept vertical.
  • The knees should be rigid.
  • Slowly bend down your head.
  • Bring the head between the upper arms.
  • The upper arms should touch your ears.
  • Draw in the abdomen.
  • Gradually and without putting undue pressure at the back thighs attempt to bring your forehead towards the knees.
  • The legs should be kept straight.
  • Look upwards towards the waist.
  • Remain in this position till you complete your exhalation.


  • Your spine becomes flexible.
  • The muscles at the front of the thighs are also strengthened.

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