Supta Vajrasana

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Supta Vajrasasna means the reclining Vajrasana. In Sanskrit,’Vajra’ means ‘asleep’ while the entire term ‘ Supta Vajrasana’ refers to the posture where the yoga practitioner will be lying down in a supine position in Vajarasana.


Flow into Supta Vajrasana from the Vajrasana position.
Gradually lean back from the waist onwards.
Support the elbows until the back, shoulders, and head touch the floor.
Don’t raise the knees from the ground.
Nor change the legs position.
Bring your back closer to the ground.
Lie down in the supine position.
Cross the arms.
Place the palms beneath the opposite shoulders.
The crossed wrists must serve as a cushion for your head.
Your knees must be kept together.
The knees will have to touch the ground.
Close the eyes.
Hold the ankles.
Slowly return to the starting position.
The return position will be in the reverse order with the aid of the elbows.

Supta Vajrasana


The Vajrasana benefits will accrue from this asana as well.
The chest is expanded.
Your thorax mobility will be increased.
Supta Vajrasana has beneficial effects on the gonads as well as the pelvic organs.
Blood circulation is boosted to the neck, knees, the backside and the thighs.
The muscles of the legs, thighs, pelvis, abdomen and the thighs are stretched and toned up in the final position of the asana.
The adrenal glands are stimulated when pressure is put on the small back.
The utero-abdominal and genitor-urinary organs get extra pressure, and as a result there is a fresh supply of oxygenated blood to the abdominal viscera.
This also provides augmented tone to the muscles of the bowels, pancreas, liver, and kidneys.

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